Friday, October 3, 2014

Where do you run to baby?

Hi friends!

I've received a few more emails lately asking me where the hell I went. The cold weather is coming, and we're all settling in for a lazy winter of Gilmore Girls netflix marathons and blog reading, I suppose.

I have not given up on r/p entirely, and will probably even update more as it gets colder and I'm stuck in the house more, but since I've had no projects or home updates lately, I had nothing to share with you! I've been in a nice lull of liking where my apartment is at / not wanting to change anything / going out and taking advantage of the one season that makes Chicago worth it.


If you'd like to follow along with whats going on in the life of Meg Zandi, I started a personal blog with the best URL ever.

It won't get rill rill or anything, because I am Irish and feelings make me uncomfortable, but if you want to follow along to hear about things like me being a Flaming Hot Cheeto chip tester and things of that ilk, now you know where to find me!
Stay subscribed to r/p for crafts/home stuff/etc, and Mariah Carey Fan Club (aka Everyday Embarrassments) for personal pictures, stories of times where I publicly embarrass myself, beauty reviews/tutorials, and pictures of cute things.


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