Tuesday, May 27, 2014


I love Pinterest, it is a never-ending time suck of pretty pictures of all my favorite things (food, diy, makeup, etc etc). There have been a few times that it has lead me totally astray, though. making me question my commitment to this relationship. The first time was when I found a recipe for some chili lime tofu that was so bad I'd rather have just eaten hot garbage, and this time, I've made myself a hot garbage craft.

As someone who runs a DIY blog, I know that there are times you do projects just for content, or projects just for fun, without really thinking about them much after that. This is one of those projects that was cute for a minute, then took a dark turn.

(This picture is not from the original tutorial, since I can't find it, but seems to be creeping down the same dangerous road I went down.)

By now, I'm sure a decent amount of readers have seen this craft, where you pour paint in an old thrifted vase, swirl it around, and now you have a colorful and fun vase. Upcycling! Now, before I share with you my tale, I take full responsibility that any heinous results are probably because I rush through things and am terrible at everything, so this is more like "here's one way that I fucked up, avoid this" instead of "this persons crafts suck".  

So I swirled a little leftover white paint in a vase, and then painted a face on the outside. I just needed a little impromptu vase for some Trader Joes flowers I had just bought, and it worked great. You can see here that he ended up getting a little accidental nose when I scraped off some of the paint with a flower stem, but overall it got the job done.

Until it didn't.

Within one hour, the paint had all started to fold and crumble because of the water, and the once-adorable face began to melt.


Okay, of course that isn't true. I just forgot to take a picture until like, a week and a half later. But basically, the paint does not hold up at all. (This disintegration happened over the course of about two hours.) I've since seen tutorials that are like, "Use glass paint, you dingus." but the tutorial I originally found specifically called for acrylic ("A good way to use up old acrylic paint!", even). I wasn't trying to create a family heirloom or anything, I just wanted an afternoon project that ended in something to shove flowers on. Which, I kind of got...

The cheesy smile paired with the melting face brings me such sick joy that I almost don't want to throw it away....but it smells really bad. 

Anyways, I just wanted to share this total fuckup with you. Also, I received my Glossybox today, so hopefully I should have a new upload for you later this week! (If you missed the first Birchbox review, you can watch it here.)



  1. Hahahahahahahahahah! Oh man, this is excellent! The vase was soooooo cute. In my experience glass paint rarely goes on smoothy, so even if you'd used glass paint there would still be a high fail rate. One of the reasons I like Apartment Therapy so much is because for every accomplished and pretty DIY you still have commenters be like, "ahhhhh no! Make sure you seal that tree stump table on your porch otherwise it's an open invite for termites." Stuff I'd never ever think about.

  2. This is the best thing I've seen all day! Thanks for keeping it real <3

  3. I suppose it goes without saying, but next time try putting a smaller cup inside the vase to put the water and stems in. Craft paint + water = *see above photo. But keep showing us your crafts because they make me feel much better about MY crafts. You rock.

  4. That was adorable ... for five minutes. I wonder if you were to have sealed it with a spray sealant if it would've stayed? Gotta love a good fuckup every once in a while. You should see some of my sewing fuckups.

  5. I also have a love/hate with Pinterest because some things I've tried are amazeballs and some are nasty crap. I loved your Birchbox review and I'm looking forward to Glossybox!

  6. HAHAHA!!! Hilarious. Love this.

  7. HAHAHA!! Hilarious. I love this.

  8. I laughed myself into tears... This so looks like how my Pinterest fails go.


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