Friday, February 21, 2014


I am an obsessive pinner. I'm a cliche of the site (ahem, follow me), constantly checking on my browser when I'm at a laptop, refreshing the app on the train. I pin tons of ideas, inspirations, rooms, recipes. Some I get around to trying, some that sit on boards forever, totally forgotten about. Sometimes they come from sites that break down where everything is from piece by piece, but often they don't. And often, when they do, the sources are very much out of my price range. 

So I thought I would share some of my favorite images, to share beautiful homes with you, help you find new great blogs, but also to help recreate these looks at home, making spaces that seem like "my home could never look like that" into something you can actually achieve. 

The bedroom above is from an incredible tour over on Design*Sponge, the home of Travis and Maike from welovepictures. When you click over to the tour, they give a good rundown of everything in their apartment, but not as much info on their bedroom, which happens to be the room I want to cut out of their home and just drop right into mine. 

Blue kilim rug - $187 / Frame - $9.99 / Nightstand - $39.99
Knit pillow - $29.99 / Vintage school chairs - $24 / Floating shelf - $20 / Grid sheets - $68 /Rustic bench - $98

Removing the drawer from an Ikea nightstand and hitting it with some Annie Sloane Chalk Paint will give inexpensive furniture a reclaimed vintage look. Framing printed Instagrams and leaving white space will create an interesting but personal collage for the shelf above your bed. If you are feelin' crafty, you can DIY instead of buy for the pillows, floating shelf, and bench.  Hang a vintage dress, buy some greenery (the plants here are Delicious Monsters) and watch the room come together. 

If you have a room you want to shop, feel free to send it to me, or tweet at me


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  1. This room is so serene.

    But don't tease me with the natural wood ribba frames that are no longer available! I'm still upset over that one.

  2. I wish I had enough light in my bedroom to sustain plants. The splashes of green against the white are so dreamy.

  3. You're clever. I really like what you're doing here. :)

  4. Beautiful room. Good find!

    Anyway you could look for a non-wool rug similar to the one you listed? We're a vegan family and I'm dying to get a rug like that for our bedroom!

  5. Haven't been to your blog in a bit, it is looking great!

  6. Please keep blogging! I LOVE your stuff.


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