Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Instagram is my number one time-killer on my phone. If I have my phone in my hand, I am probably looking at my Instagram. Because of this obsession, users do not generate enough content to satiate my addiction, and I am always looking for more people to follow, so in turn I thought I'd share some of my favorites with you.

A few of these break my number one Instagram pet peeve, which is people who use fancy cameras and upload those pictures to Instagram. I love seeing what people can do with their iPhones, because I love that Instagram became about having a good eye, not just good tools. It was a great equalizer, showing what people could capture and share in the moment, not what they could shoot 100 photos of on a $3,000 camera, edit in Photoshop, and then post. Sigh. But since I demand constant content, I guess I can't be too picky.

Without further ado, my current favorite Instagram users, for those of you who refresh when you wake up, when you're waiting for the bus, in a meeting (what?)....

I'm just going to start with my favorite. @PaulOctavious has such a happy Instagram, brimming with creativity. He photographs the same hill in Uptown a few times a month, but instead of seeming static and flat, it shows the transition of the seasons, the passage of time in a really quiet but powerful way. He also is running a Pantone project, where he finds things in real life that match up perfectly with his Pantone color cards. I love this feed so, so much.

Another Chicagoan who takes a similar approach to photographing the same parts of the city over and over, but with a different outcome. Where Paul Octavious has a colorful, bright feed, Israel's is cooler, darker. He must live much closer to the lake than I do, so I love seeing the updates of how things are going on that side of town. Much like @PaulOctavious, I often go to this feed when I'm looking for new things to check out in the city. 

While the previous two Instagrams offer beautiful looks at a beautiful city and its landscapes, this feed is more about the people, nearly every shot has someone in it. Elizabeth Gilmore appears to work for Facebook, which offers a colorful and creative backdrop for many of her photos, along with intimate portraiture from her personal life. 

The other three accounts in this post are, or were, Chicagoans who I found through my constant quest to find cool voices in this city. This account however, is from across the globe and I have no idea how I found it. Instead of landscapes or skylines or portraits, Monteniet takes a lot of carefully arranged still lifes, in very bright, girly colors. There is a lot of pink, a lot of flowers, it's always a welcome graphic break in between pictures of people's lunches. 

Who are your favorite accounts to follow on Instagram? Bloggers? Celebrities? Does anyone else follow really embarrassing celebrities, like, hypothetically, the entire Pretty Little Liars cast?

What are your Instagram pet peeves? I'm personally against posting more than two pictures a day, three at the very most. I also think Instagram is different from Facebook in what kind of photos are meant to be shared on it (at least how I like to interact with the platform), which is mostly my passive-aggressive way of asking people to stop posting 30 blurry, shitty pictures in a row of you and your friends drunk at a bar. Show me some selfies of you all done up, ready to go out, show me a VSCO snap of your cocktail, show me the ironic art in the bathroom, that's cool. And though I don't take many food pictures (I always forget before I take a bite!) I looooove seeing other people's because food is wonderful, so haters to the left.

And of course, a shameless plug to Follow Me on Instagram.


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  1. I follow the PPL cast, too. And the Kardashians (though I stopped following Kim- her sisters are far more entertaining). And so many B-listers, because they're really into Instagram. And I'm really into B-listers, apparently! I personally can't stand the constant gym pictures. I'm all for working out (and begrudginly do so myself), but no one cares how many minutes you loped along on the elliptical.

    1. haha i had to stop following the kardashians because it was taking a toll on my self esteem to follow kendall and kylie. haha but yes, instagram is the land of B (and C, and D...) listers and i loooooooooooove it so much haha

  2. haha totally just started following Troian. For some reason I love following celebrities (Taylor Swift, Lauren Conrad, Hilary Duff??) - I guess it just makes them seem more like a real, normal person?!

    1. troian and keegans are my favorites! shay and lucy are so boring on IG lol


  3. My Instagram pet peeve is people who think they're too good for food pictures haha!

    What are some of your fave photo editing apps, if you have any?

    1. oh man, thats a post in and of itself haha! i'd say my number one is definitely afterlight though!


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