Friday, February 7, 2014


Because I'm a stubborn asshole, I resisted watching The Mindy Project for way too long. I did the same thing with Parks & Rec, New Girl, I mean for fucks sake I started watching The West Wing ten years after it went off the air so at least this way I'm watching a show that's still airing. As always, my eye immediately gravitated towards the set design. I love Dr. Lahiri's apartment, I think it's perfect for the character. Everything is unabashedly feminine, and it looks so much like the outfits she wears, as if Emily Henderson did that test thingy on her. Let's begin this week's creepy and voyeuristic journey into the world of The Mindy Project. 

Fun Fact: According to HGTV, Mindy's apartment in real life would be worth $2.5 million. I've never really asked my gyno what she takes home annually, but not too fucking shabby, Dr. L.

We'll start here because I feel like it gives a good idea of how the apartment is laid out. Are apartments in New York actually laid out like this? In Chicago, most apartments are long and narrow, kind of shotgun-style, so this expanse is a foreign concept to me. Her living room is more colorful than I would do in real life (orange rug!) but it makes perfect sense for her Anthropologie-without-the-pretension aesthetic she's got going on.

Another shot of Mindy's living room, where she sits and pores over old Radical Possibility posts, no doubt. I like the room so much more from this angle, with that dreamy tufted blue bench and the yellow upholstered captains chairs. Also, apparently Mindy really likes orange...

Mindy's kitchen, according to the set designer, is intentionally small because Mindy isn't really the cooking type, as evidenced by the takeout menus on the fridge. This kind of reminds me of my own kitchen, in that there are so many cute dishes and mixing bowls and cookbooks from when I swore I was going to be one of those people that regularly uses their kitchen. 

I've noticed this more from doing these TV House Tour posts, but I feel like set designers really flex their muscles in the bathroom. (That wasn't supposed to sound so creepy, or gross.)  In Adam and Kristina Braverman's otherwise off-the-rack Pottery Barn home, they have a classic pink and black craftsman bathroom. In the New Girl, the loft is cool but fairly standard, but the bathroom is this amazing high-school-gym style. And here, for Mindy's, they brought in the most unique art in the whole place, and this incredible sink. I also love the contrasting-but-complimentary tile styles and the fact that the amount of products strewn all over the fucking place make me feel better about my apartment bathroom.

LOL MINDY OF COURSE YOU HAVE A GIANT TUFTED SATIN HEADBOARD. As the least romantic person ever, I admire her commitment to head-in-the-clouds girliness. However, those pillows and that bedspread are fucking hideous and do not go with anything in this apartment. Imagine how much better this bed would look with more rich jewel tones, like deep cobalts or fuschias and none of this crappy dorm room shit. 

She makes up for it though with that green settee and the craft area. CRAFT AREA. Love you Mindy, and I love that yellow chair. I'm also really digging the art by the bed. Again, an orange rug, but whatever, we all have our things. I do love the dreamy curtains, and wonder why I ever got rid of mine?? Maybe I'll bring them back in my office, the only room in my house that's nearly as girly as Mindy's.

And we'll end on a shot of Mindy's enviable shoe collection/display. 

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  1. i love mindy's apartment. i would never, ever live there but they nailed the character so well in this one.

  2. YESSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I love that you give your honest opinion btw! That bedspread and pillows are quite janky.

  3. Craft area? Has she ever crafted on the show? Does Dr. Lahiri even do crafty things? Also: How did her hair get long again so fast after moving back to the US?!?!? Don't get me wrong, I love the show, but I will not get over that. I probably comment on it every episode.

  4. I still need to hop on board the Mindy Project train, but I can't get past that orange rug! Was it on a 2 for 1 sale with the curtains? I mean really!


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