Sunday, January 26, 2014


It's apparently been a really moody stretch since I last shared Instagrams with you guys, judging by all these deep wood tons, rich leathers, and grey skies. I'm kind of loving it, even though its in the part of winter where I'd be okay with degrees above zero.

Row One: Hand lettering! I finally signed up for a hand-lettering course through Skillshare, so thanks to everyone who recommended it! / The best dirty gift to come out of a grab bag (and my growing-out pixie) / this Poketo planner that I cannot get enough of.

Row Two: Just in case any of y'all like updates on dem babies, here they are now, enormous adorable bffs. / Luce enjoying our new second-hand leather ottoman / That Humboldt House rug I love so much and some Trader Joes flowers.

Row Three: The leather tablet case we made this week, in action a totally not-staged at all Instagram / Montrose Beach, my very favorite, on a perfectly grey day (seriously, I want to paint my house the color of the beach that day / You might recognize this beautiful, perfect pie from the Chicago Visitor's Guide we ran a few weeks ago! Thanks Bang Bang!


It's been super fun to be drawing and painting and what not but i'm also looking forward to some instagrams of life outside my apartment walls haha. #stircrazy2014. Also, this list knocks off a few of my New Years are y'all doing on yours? Link me to them, I loooove reading resolution posts.

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  1. Haha we are in the same hand lettering class but I am never going to start it ... fail! PS the kiddos are getting old so fast!


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