Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Recently the kind folks over at Intel sent me over their new 2-in-1 to play around with. During my aforementioned recent TV binges, I had seen a million of these commercials on Hulu that piqued my interest, so I was pretty excited to get to play around with it. I'll do more of a rundown of it later, but in the meantime, I wanted something to keep it protected as I carried it in my bag.

This was a really easy project, even with one hiccup that I had along the way. It took me about 20 minutes, and only required one teensy stitch. Seriously. You could even skip that stitch and just tie the cord around the case instead of stitching it in place. I ended up loving the neutrals and details and that for under $10 I was able to make a case that felt so much more expensive.

Let's get started, shall we? You will need...

Now, I sat down to make this as kind of an experiment, so my in progress pictures are pretty bad. Instead, I decided to illustrate the steps, and hopefully they aren't too confusing. Let me know if this format of directions works for you when pictures aren't available! If step-by-step written directions are easier, I can switch to that. (Click on image below to make larger, and sorry the quality dropped so much when I uploaded the file! Work in progress, people.)

Edit: Since some people are having a hard time reading the text, just use the above as picture guidance, and here are the steps!

Step 1: Cut your front and back panels. Each piece should be two inches wider than your tablet. The front piece should be two inches longer, and the back piece should be four inches longer. These adjustments allow for seam allowances and the flap closure.

Step 2: Cut two leather pieces, as wide as your panels, and four inches tall.

Step 3: Using Stitch Witchery (or sewing, if you'd like!), adhere the leather panels to the bottom of the wool panels.

Step 4: With the leather sides facing together, sew or Stitch Witch the three sides together, leaving the top open. 

Step 5: Turn right-side out. On back of case, use a quick stitch to attach the leather cord to the middle-back of the case. You can also just tie this around without sewing it. 

Basically you're just making a front and a back, with the back being longer so it can have a flap. Then you're adding a leather details, sewing the sides together, and adding a tie closure. (I added the leather afterwards, instead of like I illustrated because I'm an idiot who needs to preplan her projects instead of just adding shit from her craft room as she goes.) 

This rough pattern can be adapted for any laptop or tablet, you just want to make sure to add enough extra inches to accommodate seam allowance and the flap. The wool is just thick and fluffy enough that it keeps my 2-in-1 safe in my bag, and keeps it from getting dusty/dinged up/stepped on by Luce around the house.

This would make a great gift for any tech junkie in your life, too! It was incredibly easy and inexpensive, requires no sewing, and is easily customized to any device. Speaking of inexpensive, let's break down the cost, shall we?

Wool - Free (I already had it, but originally it was $5.99 in the Joann remnant bin)
Leather - $2.49 (Joann sells small sheets of leather for really cheap, and yes, it held up to all the ironing very well!)
Leather cord - $1.99 for 25 feet
Stitch Witchery - $5
Total: $9.48

Thanks, Intel, for including me on your Smart Squad! So far, I'm liking the 2-in-1. It took some getting used to, because I was used to my laptop, or my iPad, and it was an adjustment to have a device be both. It's nice to have something a little more powerful than the iPad in terms of running programs, but a little lighter and easier than a laptop for carrying to / from work and writing blog posts on the go. 

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  1. stitch witchery is the shit. i used that stuff for all my t-shirt recons in college.

  2. you should use a simpler font for the steps in your illustrated image, even at the larger size the text is all fuzzy & parts of it have disappeared (ie in step 3 "Using" becomes "I sing")

  3. Pre-planning craft projects doesn't work for me. I just go with the flow. Half of the time I mess up miserably and the other half is golden. I like that this case is a little rustic and manly with the leather.

  4. zandi, i don't care what you say -- you are the diy queen. this turned out SO good. feelin' the contrast between the wool + leather, too.

    xx, valerie | lily on fillmore

  5. Oh this looks great! I love that wool felt!

    Becca | Ladyface Blog

  6. Love the tablet case... if I only had a device to put in it. Maybe someday. The step-by-step instructions looked good, but I would say maybe make an individual picture for each step, or maybe every 2 steps, so that when it is enlarged, it's easier to read. :)

  7. This is amazing! Great tutorial :)


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