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Attractive 20/30-somethings living in gorgeous apartments well beyond their realistic means is one of the most formulaic TV tropes, and I could not give a fuck. I still eat this shit up and then find myself staying up late at night frantically googling set tours and screencapping scenes, because I'm a healthy adult with productive interests. 

That being said, I don't know if the New Girl loft is that unrealistic. While Jess and Winston are sometimes underemployed, they have jobs fairly often. Nick has had the same job for ages, and Schmidt makes bank. The hyper-stylish bachelor pad is also explained by Schmidt's presence, so while it doesn't really resemble my 20-something existence, it's not like, Friends-level ridiculous. So let's take a look around and tour the reclaimed wonderland that is the New Girl set. 

Most scenes in the apartment take place in the living room, on their fucking sweet leather sectional. All I want in life is an apartment that can fit a sectional, and the budget to buy one. Anyways, this loft is apparently enormous. 

To reflect that the apartment was clearly a full-on bachelor pad before Jess came along, everything is "manly", industrial, and a bit rustic. These 20-something dudes somehow decided on mismatched-but-coordinating chairs for their reclaimed wood and iron dining room table, but its best if we don't ask too many questions. I'm mostly just being bitter because I want that table as my own, and I would treat it with love and respect and never put it so close to a basketball hoop.

The kitchen is pretty on-trend with a blue accent wall with (more reclaimed wood) floating shelves, and a giant stainless steel prep table island where everyone convenes to talk about the sex they had the night before. 

Before we head into the bedrooms, let's look back at the entry way. This giant loft basically affords them to live my dream: accumulate fucktons of furniture and have a place to put it all. A farmhouse table that would take up the entirety of most apartments I've lived in serves as their foyer table, in addition to a set of shelving and some weird little table by the door and so many coat hooks. God I want that many coat hooks. 

First we'll go into Nick's room, just to get it out of the way. It's just a dude's room. Not exactly eye candy, but definitely realistic set design.

Please enjoy this excellent photo of Schmidt's room. Only the finest for you, my beloved readers. The one thing this set nails is making each room look so much like the character. Schmidt's room is simple, neutral, with everything in it looking a little more high-end than the fixtures in his roommates' bedrooms, lots of sterile stainless steel and neutral colors. Also, of course he has an O'Keeffe style painting. Of course he does. 

We don't see Winston's bedroom much, except for this glorious peek we got in that episode where Jess and Nick almost have a threesome with their creepy landlord. But when you have a glow-in-the-dark ocean sex fantasy mural in your room, who needs to see what else you're working with?

Jess's room is the thing manic-pixie-dream-girl fantasies are made out of. 

Mismatched painted vintage furniture, thrifted and Etsy art, pops of color, quirky lamps and romantic-but-not-serious bedding actually come together really well in here. As I get a little older, I try to make my bedroom a calmer retreat in my house since everywhere else tends to have a lot going on, but this room almost makes me want to say fuck it and just embrace the mismatched vintage thing. 

These roommates spend a ton of time in the bathroom together, more than I ever have when I lived with people, but then again, I didn't have an entire fucking locker room. Is it weird that this is my favorite room in the loft? You can say yes.

IT EVEN HAS A URINAL FOR EACH PENIS-BEARING ROOMMATE. And you thought double sinks were important. 

I hope you enjoyed this exercise in voyeurism, and remember, if there is a movie or tv set you'd like me to tour, email me or tweet at me!


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  1. These "set tours" are golden. Also, how did I never notice their amazing dining table?

  2. You should tour Olivia Pope's apartment from Scandal. It is ridiculously classy. It has a baby grand she has space for a baby grand in DC, I don't even know...but the scenes in her apartment are always my favorites. I would live there except I would be afraid I would spill red wine all over her nice neutral furnishings (which BTW, how come she never spills red wine all over those furnishings? She certainly drinks plenty of it)

  3. My favorites are the concert posters all over the walls and the retro bunch of blue glass grapes sitting just behind the couch on the side table. Sadly you can't see either in these set photos but my great grandma had a set of those grapes in her home, back in the day.

  4. I know the series is over, but I want a good look at Dexter's apartment. Bachelor chic.


    Also I have the same bedspread as Schmidt (it's from Ikea) but i never use it because it's a) huge, like too huge for my very tall queen-sized bed, and b) an intense dog-hair magnet. TRAGEDY.

  6. I loved this! Keep them coming!!!

  7. I loved this! Keep them coming!!!

  8. Love the set tours...keep them coming! I would love to see you dive into Mindy Lahiri's apartment on the Mindy Project!

  9. I used to LOVE the set of Giles apartment on "Buffy the Vampire Slayer." I had trouble focusing on scenes that took place there, because I was so busy trying to absorb all the details of that set. Exterior was an intriguing as interior to me there.

  10. This is such a great series. I admittedly totally lust over Jess's bedding every time I see it. If I ever found it I would buy it up in a heartbeat!

    Becca | Ladyface Blog

  11. These Come On In posts are my new favorites in all of blogland. Brilliant!

  12. These Come On In posts are my new favorites in all of blogland. Brilliant!

  13. I love these posts as well - keep them coming! I'll have to start thinking of some of my favorites to possibly submit to you… :)

  14. These tours are amazing!

    I'm pretty sure the only reason I still watch Castle is because of Richard Castle's apartment. That series has pretty much fallen apart, but the apartment keeps on bringing it. I'd love to see more of what it looks like!


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