Friday, December 6, 2013

Glam $5 DIY Wreath

Okay guys, I admit in advance that you can't really call this a tutorial. I've been decorating my house for the holidays, thinking much more of spirit and cheer and less of the blog and step-by-step photos, because I'm a terrible blogger. I also do most of my decorating at like, 10 o'clock at night, haha so the photos would be shitty anyways. Don't you see?  I'm not including photos for you. Because they'd be so bad, I'm sparing you, not being a shitty blogger! You're so welcome. 

I never find wreaths that I love, because the classic green ones are a little too traditional, but then the ~alternative~ ones are always a really specific look, and never one that fits with whatever decorating style it is that I'm going for, so I usually skip the wreath. However, as I was putting up decorations this week, I had two holly garlands that never found a home, and a boa I bought to make little trees like this:

But as I was looking up some good diy tips for it, I was finding that even really great bloggers and crafters were ending up with really mange-y looking feather trees, not pretty ones like this, so I tabled that idea.

Anyways, cheap garland (like mine, from the Dollar Tree) is hella wirey and pliable. It will bend to your every whim. So I just twisted two 24-inch garlands into a circle and then wove the boa haphazardly into the gaps until it looked good. Real scientific. The boa was $3, and each strand was $1, so this little wreath of neglected decor came in at $5 and met my Christmas requirements of Traditional meets RuPaul.



  1. Love this! Bravo! Going outside the box this year, splurged on a purple faux tree!, and the feather wreath inspires me to juice up a couple of tired traditional wreaths that are staring at me as I type. Thank you.

  2. Hahahah! Traditional meets RuPaul. Where on Earth did you find that photo?


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