Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Every December Issue Holiday Gift Guide Ever

Kris Atomic nails it with this holiday gift guide. I mock away, but hot damn if I wouldn't be thrilled to get a Fancy Fucking Hairbrush, even though Mason Pearsons don't seem to be as necessary for people with one inch of hair.

Some easy Christmas DIYs and recipes coming up for you later; I'm getting a slow start this year because I just feel like it. I've been watching Christmas movies and drinking dark beers and online shopping instead of decking the halls and crafting boughs of holly, and its been pretty great. Oh, and making my dog take pictures in front of wrapping paper, because I've lost my mind.



  1. So funny! In your face vogue/elle/harpers/every magazine i can't afford

  2. Well now I want to take pictures of my dog in front of wrapping paper.... hello Christmas card?!

  3. Oh, Kris Atmoic missed one.

    I'll just leave that here for your personal amusement.

  4. well, who can blame you? it's really cute wrapping paper.


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