Wednesday, November 6, 2013


Chicago, you have to get outside ASAP. Well, okay, maybe not asap because today is pretty rainy and gross, but fall is in full swing and it is amazing. I know that the Northeast is credited with the best autumns, what with all those Thomas Kinkade-esque scenes of cottages, or shots of people more attractive than you strolling through Central Park, but Chicago has its fall game on lock, man. The picture above was taken two days ago at the south gardens of the Art Institute of Chicago. Because I just had my iPhone, I couldn't even capture all of it, there are still three more rows of bright yellow trees on either side of the pond. It's free, open to the public, right downtown, you have to go.

The bridge over Millennium Park that connects to the Art Institute is also lined with flaming red trees, which I didn't get a great picture of  the insane scope of them, because there was a family doing an elaborate photoshoot, but I'll likely go back on the next non-rainy day and until then, this teaser shot shows you what I'm talking about. I also finally made it up to that forest preserve I was talking about, and not only were there deer EVERYWHERE, the leaves there were also incredible.

While you're over that way, stop into the Cultural Center. Their exhibits are always free, and their main one right now, SHIFT by Luftwerk, was a beautiful light show. It's three rooms of light installations, each one very different from the last. It was beautiful, and prime for Instagramming, which you know you're into more than you'll admit.

Okay, this last one has nothing to do with Chicago, it's just me showing off cute things in my life. Lucille enjoying the new guest room bedding, and Calvin and Olivia being perfect.

The other benefit of colder temperatures is that I am in full on NESTING mode. My friend Christina and I have been hatching big plans for my place, as I try to convince her to start her own blog as she renovates her cheap apartment on the cheap as well. 



  1. Daaang! Looks like Chicago has been killing it this fall! Glad to hear things are well and I'm excited to hear more about your plans for your place!

    Ladyface Blog

  2. Great shots! I wonder how long Chicago will hold on to fall... we're heading that way at the end of the month for a hockey tournament and I'm hoping to bring home a slew of photos!


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