Monday, November 11, 2013

Easiest, Cheapest No-Sew Curtains Ever

I recently got an email asking where I got my curtains from, from a reader looking for inexpensive plain white curtains. Mine are actually unbleached muslin, so they aren't quite pure white. The living room windows are BIG, and to cover three of them even with Ikea curtains was going to run me at least $50, which seemed excessive since we never close even close these (you can't really see in since we are on the top floor, I just like how they make the windows look less naked).

Anyways, these are made just like every other set of curtains in my house:
1.) Go to Joann Fabrics, find the cheapest muslin (this fabric was $1.99 a yard)
2.) Buy three yards for every window you need covered, six yards if it is a large window and you are using two curtains, like I did in the middle here.
3.) Look up Joann's coupons, as fabric is usually 40%-50% off, which made my curtains $1 a yard,, or $3 per curtain.
4.) Fold the top over two inches. Sew a straight line, or use Stitch Witchery to keep it in place. You can finish the bottoms too, if you'd like, but I left mine raw.
5.) Install the cheapest curtain rod you can find, since the 2" stitch will hide the entire thing.
6.) Hang, and enjoy how regally framed your nosy Boston Terrier looks.


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  1. I wish I had thought to do this before hitting up IKEA. Not that I don't like my IKEA curtains, but this would've looked just as lovely in my living room.

  2. I tried commenting on my phone last night, but I guess it ate it... Those curtains are BEEYOOTIFUL! Girl, you can make 1.99/yard muslin look amazing! The boston terrier is a good touch as well :)

  3. Good call! I'm looking to replace the monstrosities in my living room that came with the place, so I may give this a try!

    Ladyface Blog

  4. So glad I cam across this post. I have been looking to do something about new curtains in my guest room.
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