Friday, November 8, 2013

DIY Goo Gone

Okay guys, this is barely even a post as much as the easiest recipe ever / more of just a general life tip, but I don't have a ton of content lately, so just please....

Okay, that's enough. Get serious.

While I was making the DIY Linen Spray the other day, I was looking around for a spray bottle. I had mostly empty bottle of Demeter that I decided to use, and though it was labeled "Fresh Ginger", I figured I'd just stick a new label over it and call it a day. But the labels I was using looked better when you could see a little of the glass (the Demeter label covered the whole front of the bottle), so I wanted to remove it first. 

The original bottle, courtesy of Google images because I never remember to take before pictures.

I tried to just peel it off, but it was one of those annoying suckers that was in it to win it. I tried soaking it in hot water, but it was after I already mixed the linen spray and I was afraid water was going to creep in and dilute it. I love Goo Gone, but I can never seem to keep track of a bottle of it. But! 

Did you know Goo Gone is essentially just baking soda and oil? Fact. I used olive oil, but you can use vegetable oil, coconut oil, whatever. Just one part oil, one part baking soda, and you have Goo Gone.

You can make it in advance and store in an airtight container, but I could guarantee I would lose that too, and since I always have the ingredients on hand, I can just whip up a batch whenever I need to.


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  1. Um, you're my favorite person right now. I've been soaking some bottles for days and they are still crappy and gluey.

  2. Hey! Great recipe! Do you know that eucalyptus oil also get sticky labels and residue off things too? I just dab some on with my finger and wipe clean! You can get big bottles of it from whole foods! So far my bottle has lasted two years!!

  3. Hey! Love your posts, regardless of content and frequency! It's your personality we love (in addition to your awesome diys...)

  4. and that mixture has to be 1000 times better for you than breathing in those goo-gone fumes...i'm going to try this out!

  5. Wow, I'm going to have to try this. And it has to be 1000 times better than breathing in those Goo-Gone fumes...(unless that's your thing, I guess.)


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