Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Shops to Watch - Ylaine

I know in the day of blogs all being sponsored for every post, it can be hard to tell what is actually something the writer likes and what they are being paid to highlight. Sure, it can be both, and erryone just gotta get paid son (I've definitely run sponsored posts), but every now and again I just see something I like that I want to talk about, no sponsorship, no money exchanged, just someone doing something cool.

Today we're looking at Ylaine, a shop that fits my niche interests of cocktail jewelry and vintage home goods. I'm not much of a clothes or shoes hoarder, but I cannot stop buying colorful dishes and jewelry, so when I found this shop that carried both, I started planning a life that ends with someone finding me crushed under the weight of all my Pyrex, wearing every single bauble I own. 

THESE CANDLE HOLDERS. I just want to place them on a big rustic farmhouse table, all cluttered up with great food and linens and revel in how fabulous my life is. 

From Karra-
"I started collecting vintage things on shopping trips with my mom. I love rummaging through thrift stores and estate sales looking for amazing little treasures but I just can't keep them all. I opened Ylaine so that I could share our finds with others. 

Ylaine is a vintage boutique in Houston, TX. Every item is hand selected for the modern soul with a vintage heart. The Ylaine customer loves the history of every piece that they own and appreciates owning pieces with character and charm. They're always looking for something not quite like what everyone else owns."

This crystal fan ring is so amazing, I want one for each finger. That's totally normal, right?

I very rarely make coffee at home (only for when I'm hosting brunch or am desperate and out of Diet Coke), but I still can't stop collecting cream and sugar decanters, and want to make this blush pink set mine all mine. 

Ylaine is offering 20% off to r/p readers with the code RADSALE, because she's awesome. Someone give those candle holders a good home, then send me pictures of them in your house so I can cry over their beauty.


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  1. I love those ram earrings! If only they weren't clip on!


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