Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Room Refresh and a Chair Update

Did the guest room really need to be updated? No. Do I like using it as an excuse to buy new things I otherwise don't have room for, or an excuse to buy? We both know the answer to that, don't make me say it out loud. Let's take a look at where we started.

Okay, we're going two steps back. You can read more about why the guest room looked like this here, but for $30 and a little TLC, we eventually got it to here:

I wanted a rug in there, but the only one we had didn't fit at all. But then one Saturday I was out shopping at Humboldt House, which is my new favorite neighborhood spot to find things for the house (it's the same place where I got the kilim pillows in the living room). You may have seen this picture on my Instagram:

I FOUND MY DREAM RUG. I have been looking for a kilim style rug for YEARS, but they tend to be prohibitively expensive, and all the good ones I've found are online and require shipping that is higher than my entire rug budget. This 4x6 rug was less than $200, in perfect shape, the best jewel tone colors, so basically whenever I die please bury this rug with me. If you are in Chicago, you have to go to Humboldt House. (Yellow Brick Home also had great luck there!) They have a shop pittie, Archie, who Luce could smell all over this rug when we brought it home and she spent like 10 minutes freaking out, and it was very cute.

I also found this tablecloth at the thrift store which I'm using as bedding, because it's pretty soft and just because I like having all these warm, busy patterns in the room. It's not the same style as the rug, but I've been wanting to go a little more cozy and ~boho~ with the guest room and I feel like it's a step in the right direction. Well that and the down comforter that was in there was moved back into our room as the temperature dropped.

My wide-angle lens is MIA, but here's an attempt at a shot of the room:

Semi-related, how do you guys do pillows on twin beds? Standard size ones hang over the sides, but a king size pillow looks a little too small. 

Anyways, I also wanted to swap out the molded Eames knockoff that was in there, because I wanted it in the office (it's surprisingly comfortable to sit in for long periods of time), but also because it wasn't super practical in the guest room. You couldn't rest a suitcase on it, and since there is no nightstand, it would be more helpful to have a flat surface. As I mentioned when I was complaining about my kitchen, I had some wooden chairs I Craigslisted for cheap.

Nothing too fancy or innovative here, but this little guy just got a little update. 

I had a little extra white paint, so I just taped it off and painted about half way down. I actually meant to stop a little earlier, but I kept messing up the lines and having to extend them, because I'm skilled and patient. I also wanted to cap them off with gold, but when I tried that, it turned out really shitty. I was impatient and  tried it with a gold paint pen since I didn't have paint, which (spoiler alert) was a terrible idea. Washi tape to the rescue! 

Looking at that picture, the lines on the chair are a little uneven, which I'll fix eventually, since I ended up liking how it turned out, when I was expecting to hate it and just paint it over with a matte black. 

Also, how do you guys feel about white string lights inside? Are they cozy, or a little too dorm roomy? I impulse bought a few strands off Amazon, and I kind of want to use them in one of the bedrooms, but you can be honest with me if  they look like they should go hand in hand with a cheesy Audrey Hepburn poster....


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  1. Yes! Rugs! Ah!

    I keep meaning to pop back into HH because I so badly need the world's best studio rug. And I know Archie is just holding one down for me...

  2. This room looks great! That rug is an awesome find and I love your chair update. I say no to the string lights. They pretty instantly make me feel like I'm in a dorm room!

    Ladyface Blog

  3. I think string lights are the RIGHT kind of dorm-roomy. They give good mood light, they're soft and perfect for dinner, date night, or watching a movie.... and they add some whimsy to a room that might be too serious. I personally want to add them to our bedroom, or possibly to our living room behind some sheer white curtains....

  4. I think string lights can be the RIGHT kind of dorm-roomy. They're pretty, and they're the perfect amount of light for a movie night, date night, dinner, or just hanging out. They add whimsy to a room that might be a bit too serious (not that I think you have that problem.) If you're' still concerned about it, Target has some string globe lights that are beautiful, and not Christmas light-y. They're only $12

  5. i want to live in your guest room. so cute. barney and lucy would totally flip out over each other.

  6. That painted chair is the perfect addition to a well-appointed guest room! A visitor needs a place to plop her train-case, right? Or, if she's staying a bit longer and has a suitcase, she needs a spot to sling all her extra clothes between changes. Could you find room for a tiny nightstand and lamp? I think a guest room needs those two items. Maybe a corner shelf on a bracket? Big enough for one's cellphone, water bottle, and Ambien. Oh, and I do love that rug!

  7. i think the string lights are a bit cheesy but i love them :) always had them in my bedroom when i was in high school and have been meaning to put them up in my house now.

  8. Just so you know...I am planning on creeping into your apartment and stealing the tablecloth turned bed linen. You've been warned!

  9. Where did you find the gold washi tape? I bought some off Amazon awhile back and it was awful.

  10. Where did you find your gold washi tape? I bought some on Amazon and it was awful.


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