Friday, October 11, 2013

Picture This (Giveaway!)

A while back, there was a post on Apartment Therapy entitled "Displaying Personal Photos in the Home - Awesome or Awkward?" I thought this was super fucking weird, because I didn't know there were people who were adamantly against family photos in someone's home. I totally get not wanting a picture of your parents on your bedside table or anything, but no photos at all? 

But then as I looked through my Home Board on Pinterest, I realized that I have pinned so few inspiration shots that contain personal photos. (Like, from the thumbnail, I thought the one above was, but nope, its Michael Jackson.) Granted, some are from magazines, but a very large portion are from home blogs and house tours. Maybe they were removed for the shots? Or maybe they were never there at all? Or maybe one of the family members is a secret sociopath, like Matt Damon in The Departed when Vera Farmiga tries to hang that picture of her as a kid on a bike? All possibilities.

I then looked around my own apartment. I have a handful of personal shots, but not a ton. Maybe ten or so photos? It's partially because I suck at gallery walls, and partially because, while I'm not against displaying personal photos, I haven't seen it done in a lot of ways that I like. But then I remembered Rita Konig, beautiful tropical fish, Rita Konig. 

And how much I love her giant bowl of photos. Totally casual,  you can swap out photos all the time, guests can just casually rifle through them while talking. It's just great. Plus, in the age of printing online, its okay if they get a little banged up, since it's not an original image you can never replace. A little wear and tear means they are serving their purpose, and people are looking at them, enjoying them, talking about the memories contained within them.

I wanted to order some pictures to do something similar, but for better or for worse, all of my recent photos are Instagrams, which don't print that well in 4x6s like good looking, elegant baby turtle Rita Konig's up there. I had heard good things about Social Print Studio, so I decided to go with their option to print a few of my Instagrams. 

The print size is small, so you don't get anything too grainy or low-quality, and they offer a ton of cute printing options. I went with the mini prints, for no reason besides the fact that they were adorable. 

I thought about dipping the edges of these photos in gold, or a rainbow of colors, like the amazingly creative Rachel over at 52 Weeks Project, which I might still do down the line, but for now I love how crisp and clean they look just being plain white. But, me being me, it's not like I could live without fucking with them just a little. 

I don't love scrapbooks, because they are often a little cheesier than I'd like, but I love the idea of quotes and memories noted with photos. So I took to these and added a little something to the back of each one, either just a date or a quote or reminders, whatever seemed to suit. The Printstagram paper is pretty glossy though, so I used a black fine point Sharpie (and was very careful, whilst cursing my left-handedness).

Right now they are hanging out in the living room, free for guests to flip through, rough up, laugh at, whatever. Because that's what you're supposed to do with photos, Apartment Therapy.

Want some of your own photos to decorate and display? Social Print Studio is offering a free set of 48 mini prints to one r/p reader! Just like r/p on Facebook, or follow us on Twitter. That's it. Then you can have 48 little prints to do whatever your little heart desires. Use them as business cards, gift tags, hit on people at bars with them, I'm not here to judge.

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  1. lol it's so weird seeing a blogger do a rafflecopter giveaway without fifteen thousand required steps

    1. the fine print is that the winner also owes me their first born.

  2. I have a mini photo gallery in my hallway and family pictures all over my fridge, but no huge family portrait. I think that is where people wig out, the large family portrait, because they think it's too bougie.

  3. Ah, this is all so genius and easy and hipsterific and logical and fun. Plus, excuse to buy a(nother) cool bowl. Thank you for being awesome.

  4. I've never understood people who don't display photos either. I think it's such a nice way to reminisce and add your real personality to your home.


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