Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Informal portraits are my absolute favorite kind of photography. As a kid, I was obsessed with my parent's old pictures, literally spending hours upon hours going over the same photos of them as kids in the 70's that I had looked at a million times. People often shy away from having their picture taken (myself included), but love the memories when they look back on them ten, twenty, fifty years later. 

I don't make a ton of New Year's Resolutions usually, but I think in 2014 I want to make a concerted effort to snap one picture of someone in my life once a week. I know a lot of bloggers with kids do the 52 Portraits Project, but I don't have kids so y'all are just going to have to deal with seeing 52 pictures of adults instead of 52 pictures of adorable children. They might end up being a lot of Instagrams, but hey, that's like the Polaroid of 2014, right? (I'm having a good time imagining so many of you cringing at that right now.)

Any good tips for getting good portraits? What are your favorite portraits, either ones you've taken or just ones you love?  A few of my favorites...

I'm obsessed with this amazingly glamorous shot of Anjelica Huston.

David Bowie // Buster Keaton

And pretty much any picture of a young Leo.


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  1. Okay, for this project, you absolutely need to get this little guy:

    We love ours so much, and you can keep all the photos in a little bowl. (In a place where people will see them and flip through them, of course.)

    1. Thanks for the recommendation Kim! I impulse bought one and took it home to my nephews birthday party and it was a smash hit! My aunt and mom are both ordering one now, too.

    2. Thanks for the recommendation Kim! I impulse-bought one and took it home for my nephews birthday party and it was a smash hit! My mom and aunt are both ordering one now.

  2. I love the idea of this project! I think a glitter background a la that Anjelica Huston portrait would be amazing for this project!

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