Friday, October 4, 2013

Halloween Costume Mood Boards

I LOVE HALLOWEEN SO MUCH. I never really cared for the scary, gory parts of it, as much as I love fall, warm colors, crazy makeup, and fucktons of candy. Costume brainstorming is always my favorite part. This year, I'm going with a crosstume (which I won't reveal until after Halloween, because there is a good chance I'm going to fuck it up and have to go as something else), but nonetheless am very excited about it, hoping it will top my favorite crosstume of years past, Alice Cooper in Wonderland. 

My favorite costume to this day though was my 2010 Lichtenstein, because I loved how it turned out and it only cost me $10 for a cheap wig, vampire makeup, and some acrylic paint. 

Last year I ended up being a Paper Doll, which was kind of a last minute thing. I loved the makeup and headband (which was just posterboard stapled to a cheap plain headband), but the costume was the most cumbersome, annoying thing I'd ever worn or made, and I burned it in the party's bonfire shortly upon arrival.

So let's talk costumes for YOU. I have been brainstorming some for friends, and just ones I wanted to go as but vetoed in favor of the aforementioned secret crosstume. I'll have a few of these little moodboards between now and Halloween, mostly because I just love them so much. (If you need even more inspiration, Almost Makes Perfect has incredible costume boards too!)

Lydia Deetz is a classic go-to costume for the girl who always felt a little dark...or at least just owns a shit load of black. It's a great costume because it can be mostly made from stuff you already have, and can be made as warm or as cool as you need it to, based on where you live. 

This next one is if you like topical costumes, and I kind of love it because I feel like at this point, everyone forgot about the glory that is the Ikea Monkey. Even better, you just need a cheap mask and an even cheaper thrift store coat. And because I never want anyone to forget the Ikea Monkey, because I love him so.
mask / coat (similar)

So, since my brother had his twins, I have been trying to convince him, his wife, and dem babies to go as Andy & Edie, with Calvin and Liv dressed up as a banana and a soup can. And every year it gets vetoed. HOW ARE WE EVEN RELATED? WHAT IS THE POINT OF HAVING BABIES IF YOU WON'T DRESS THEM AS 60'S POP ART ICONS? (To which he responded "Um, to raise them into healthy and happy adults?" which is probably why he has kids and I don't.)

Also, I'm really sorry for how terrifying the Monkey Mask and Warhol Wig Head guy are. 


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  1. Seeing children/babies as pop art bananas and cans of soup may be the reason why Halloween exists.


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