Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Halloween Costume Mood Boards - Volume Three

We're back again today with three more rounds of cult classic Halloween costumes. One for a group, two for couples.  If you missed the first few rounds of Halloween Costume Mood Boards, you can find them here! Let's dive into embodying The Dude, Baby, and Enid.

You will get some bonus credibility if you actually drink white russians all night, but this blog takes no responsibility for how you will feel in the morning. 

Next up is the easiest couple's costume ever, assuming one of you owns a black shirt and pants. Add some silver shoes, a dress you can twirl in, and carry a watermelon (or a green balloon you've painted to look like one, because it would suck to carry an actual watermelon...) Now go have the time of your life, you crazy kids (sorry).

"Some people are okay, but mostly I just feel like poisoning everybody."


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  1. I saw you post these on Pinterest and I just had to tell you: I freakin' love that you added the watermelon to the Dirty Dancing one. Hilarious!

    xo Ashley

  2. stop doing movies that were on my list! haha

    ooo have you ever noticed the "carried a watermelon" line in dirty dancing being so out of sync?! second best part after the lift.


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