Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Halloween Costume Mood Boards - Volume Two

We're back today with another round of "What Should I Be for Halloween??" because people seem to be losing their shit already over not having a costume, but there is plenty of time! Today we're turning to some of my favorite old school movies for inspiration. 

First up is Mrs. Doubtfire. Underrated as one of the most fucking terrifying movies of our time, it makes a great Halloween costume, mostly because all of the elements are very easily thrifted. A friend did this a few years back and glued two pan lids to her chest, which I think really drove the costume home.

I don't care how many years pass, I will never stop loving this movie or wishing I was as cool as everyone in it. Maybe not to the extent of Warren, but not that far off. I miss the 90's fashion, the music, Renee Zellweger's original face, all of it. If you do pull this one together, please do two things: 1.) Print out this picture of Rex Manning and glue it to a record you carry around and kiss all night, and 2.) At some point at the party, freak the fuck out and start yelling IT'S NOT GOING TO BE FINE, NOTHINGS EVER FINE!!

And just an easy group costume for good measure. If the group gets bigger than three, have someone go in a tattered suit as Mr. Rooney, or have someone throw on a leather jacket and a LOT of undereye makeup and go as Charlie Sheen in the police station. Please do that. 

Have you settled on a costume yet? What is your best all time costume? 


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  1. I LOVE Mrs. Doubtfire as a costume idea. I'm trying to figure out what to do, and was thinking I'd be Zuul (Sigourney Weaver's version, not the dog). Possibly. I have no fucking clue.

  2. 1000x yes to any costume related to Empire Records!

  3. Going as Alex the Droog, from A Clockwork Orange. I've also gone as Abby from NCIS. All I had to buy for that was the lab coat.

  4. The Ferris one is goddamn brilliant (okay, they all are, but that one really stands out to me). I'm going to propose it to my sister and boyfriend for next year. I call Ruck.

  5. Oh Rexy you're so sexy! What a hilarious costume that would be! I can still recite so much of that movie it's ridiculous and I too still aspire to their level of cool haha. Awesome.


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