Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Dolly Parton my French

You may remember this little lady from the Five Minute Sketches post last week. Since Dolly got the most positive response, I thought I'd take her off paper and make an actual illustration of her! After all, Dolly deserves the best.

A few people asked what I use to do these illustrations, and I have the Wacom Splash Tablet, which came with Photoshop Elements. I love it, though admittedly there was a learning curve since I had never used a tablet or Photoshop before. But, if you are not a technological caveman like myself, you will have a much easier time. 

Dolly is also up on my Society6, if you're into that! There is a black and white version available too. Society6 prices are higher than I'd like to set them at, because the cost of printing through them is either high, or I just didn't realize how expensive it is to print. If print quality / paper is not as important to you, I also sell just the file (which includes both color and b&w)  for $8 for you to print at home, Kinkos, whatever. 

By the way, have you guys heard this "Slow Ass Jolene"? (Surprisingly their words, not mine.) It's haunting and awesome. I linked to that New Yorker article about it rather than just the YouTube itself because it contains the amazing line "And then there’s Parton herself, with breasts like launching missiles and the wardrobe of a seven-year-old with resources", which sums up quite nicely why I love Dolly Parton so much.


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  1. I love this print. A friend of mine shared the slowed down version with me recently and it was amazing. That quote from the article is TOO GOOD! Love love love!

    Ladyface Blog

  2. I am such a failure as a designer for not having a wacom tablet. i've been meaning to buy one for a very long time, but haven't bothered. i should because i love doing sketchy stuff and it would make illustration and hand-lettering so much easier than scanning stuff in and tracing it in illustrator.


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