Sunday, October 27, 2013

DIY Halloween Tote

While I love Halloween, and I love crafts, sometimes Halloween crafts can be a little bit much for me. Either too gory, or too cutesy. (This is why I looooved when Target came out with those simple black glitter skulls for $1. Perfection.) Anyways, I wanted to create something festive, but simple. 

Joann Fabrics sent me a box of fun stuff to play around with, and I decided to use the canvas tote and black Tulip paint pen. I thought about freehanding something, because I don't have a printer, but then I remembered I can sometimes really fuck up freehanding. So I decided to make a stencil in a semi-bootleg way: Google what you want, and trace over your computer screen. (I used this image).

I do this 90% of the time for stencils, and for simple designs, text, and playing with spacing before committing to it, it's great. 

Next I taped down the design, because I find that anything to prevent shifts leads to a much cleaner image. To find the middle of my bag, to make sure my design wasn't off-kilter, I folded it in half and gave it a quick pass with the iron. It helped find the true middle, and keep the bat straight! 

I traced around the outside of the stencil, and then filled it in with Martha Stewart black paint (all of her acrylics are fabric friendly, and I always buy them at Joann with their sick coupon app).

When I was done, I went back in and touched up fine points like the ears and wings with the fabric marker, to get precise points in a way that is easier than with paint. I will probably just use this for a grocery bag, but its also a cute trick or treating bag! 

Also, since Halloween is over for me (since I'm an old drunk, not a young trick or treater), here is the one picture I have of my costume from this weekend. I went the crosstume route, as Debbie Harry Potter, and one person at the party got it. I was wearing the HP glasses, but I couldnt take a picture without them casting a glare, and I spent waayyy too much time on 70's glam makeup to hide it away.

Anyways, if you still have celebrating to do, have a safe and happy Halloween!

Thanks to Joann for everything,  and don't forget to check out all the other Halloween projects being whipped up! Have any last minute costume tweaks? Use this 50% off coupon to round things out!


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  1. Ahahah I do the same thing with tracing my computer screen!!

  2. This tote is super cute. Also I'm 100% in love with your costume. So awesome!

    Ladyface Blog

  3. amazing costume idea. I went as Snooki Stackhouse a few years back. I love combination costumes!

  4. Easy and cute! I think I'm just going to be dead this Halloween. Nothing special, just me but dead :)

    Haphazard Notions

  5. OMG! Love the idea of using your laptop screen as a light box.


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