Thursday, October 3, 2013

Beer, Butter, Pumpkins - A Fall Recipe Guide

Fall is my favorite time to cook. Everything is cheesy and hearty and warm and oh god I just love it so much. I am a cliche of someone who wants pumpkin everything, sweet potato everything, root vegetable everything. I actually find it easier to eat healthy in the fall than in the summer, which I know is weird. I've been pinning some autumnal recipes lately and wanted to share the ones on the agenda for this week.

(Well, maybe next week since we have to have our apartment bombed for bugs, which rules. When Andy bought the fogger at Home Depot, the guy said they've sold out twice already because Chicago is SO buggy this year. I appreciated the reassurance that its not just because we are filthy dirtbags.)

Now that we've talked about bugs and whet your appetite, let's segue into food! (Worst blogger ever. Sorry.)

1.// This butternut squash pizza looks AWESOME. Admittedly, I'd probably skip making my own dough, because I'm lazy and Trader Joes has a great premade dough. 

2.//  Pumpkin and goat cheese pies! Best yet, its a very short and simple ingredient list. 

3.// I make some version of beer cheese soup every year, always trying to replicate the one at Revolution Brewery, to no avail. But this one looks promisingly close, if not just plain delicious. 

4.// Why eat regular butter when you can have butter full of tasty stuff? I've found that using better butter, rather than cheap plain butter, makes these one million times tastier. 

I'm hoping to make this into a regular series this fall, since there is a lot on the food agenda. Also, just to have follow up to some of these recipes, because last year some of the ones I made were great, and some were disgusting. 

What's your favorite fall recipe? Send em my way, I'd love to feature some in the next edition of the Fall Recipe Guide! 


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  1. Beer cheese soup! One of my favorites! Happy Fall!

  2. Oh man, these all look amazing. I want those pumpkin goat cheese pies immediately, please!

    Ladyface Blog

  3. These look so good, can't wait to try them out! I made these pumpkin cream cheese muffins last year and they were amazing -

  4. Not a fall recipe, but I just made these amazing cookies from a recipe on my friend Laura's blog (sprint 2 the table). They're bourbon chocolate chip cookies. Except I used rum and added sea salt and caramel. The recipe calls for brown butter, and now all my butter gets browned when I buy it because why not?

  5. That butternut squash pizza looks like everything I've ever wanted. ever. I just discovered TJ's turkey meatballs and pumpkin yogurt, so even better of an excuse to go back there, stat for the pizza dough.

    We're on our third batch of apple sauce this fall, so if you haven't made that yet, I strongly suggest it!


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