Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Ba Da Da Da Dahhhhhh

(I'm lovin' it.)

I've come across some stuff lately that I am all about, and just wanted to share it with you guys. My apologies in advance for a bit of a hodge-podge post, but I am over-caffeinated and therefore experiencing a sleepless night. 

Google is opening a new office in Chicago, but first it must be thawed out. “After nine decades of cold storage and lack of proper maintenance, the whole interior was full of cave-like stalagmites and stalactites.” You have to click through to the pictures, they are awesome, and kind of haunting.

I have a long list of idols (my third grade teacher, Ian MacKaye, Cher), but Anna Bond is very high atop that list. A great head for business, and an amazing eye for aesthetics. Her first lookbook is out, and its amazing. You receive one when you spend more than $50 at Rifle Paper Co., which might be reason enough for me to order all of my holiday cards now. 

I read some stupid article a few months ago saying that any blog that is going to be commercially successful was created five years ago, and all newcomers are either doing it for fun or to a futile end. Well, one, that author sounds like a real fun person, and two, I don't think they've ever read Almost Makes Perfect. Her diys are always totally do-able, but look great, and aren't just repeats of stuff that already exists. She just launched Blogzilla, with great blog themes that are a sweet relief from the world of yellow and grey chevron headers that seem to be the norm in pre-made blog designs. Plus, her diy Halloween costumes are the best out there. I'm just kind of obsessed and want everyone reading this blog.

And a few Chicago-related obsessions:
  • I finally ate at Little Goat. It is as good, if not better than everyone says. And trust me, get the Cheez-It gelato (yep).
  • If you can get access to a car, borrow one for the day and go to Bengston's Pumpkin Farm. Sure, there are pumpkin patches closer to the city (this one is 45 minutes from Logan Square), but do they have pig races? A corn maze? An entire barn dedicated just to baby animals? A cannon that shoots pumpkins? I didn't think so. Also, even though it sounds gross, you have to go in the corn box.
  • How did I not know that there was a legit forest preserve, with deer and everything, in the middle of the city? 
Also, that picture up there with all the flowers and trees? I went to go pick up a cheapy Craigslist steal two days ago, and it was at this super ritzy building with this super gorgeous park. I have lived here 27 years and never knew this little pocket of Chicago existed. The Google map directions were like "Take the stairs, walk through the park" instead of "turn left on a street." It was bizarre. I'll tell that whole story when I post the flip of what I bought, assuming it goes according to plan. 

What are you obsessed with lately? How have you been celebrating fall?


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  1. omg zandi.
    i'm blushing like A MANIAC right now reading that. i love your blog and i am sooo happy you like mine! if you're on wordpress, come buy a theme - i'll give you a discount!!

    also omg i was gonna do mrs doubtfire but you beat me to it!!!


  2. Ah, I work right across from that forest preserve and see deer on the regular while looking for parking on Bryn Mawr. Love that place--so funny to see it mentioned. If you go/go again, you MUST eat at Merla's Kitchen nearby at Foster and Kimball. Also, if you're looking for forest preserves in the city, there is a huge-ass one up by SuperDawg, which would be another excellent lunch place/forest preserve visit combo. (I feel the need to pimp my part of the city, I guess--it's so under-appreciated)

  3. pig races = the best. we went to Kuilper's near Dekalb a few weeks ago and it was corn mazes, tire mountains, pumpkin picking, pig racing magic. zip car that shit!

    eileen ragan | leaner by the lake


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