Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Radical Possibility - For Sale

The other day, I posted a print that I was giving to a newly engaged friend, and you guys were wonderfully warm and responsive. 

And then a few of you asked how you could buy this print, and I was at a loss. I've never printed my own work before, so after a bit of consulting with artist extraordinaire Sara Lyons, I decided to go the Society6 route. The profit is lower, because Society6 is cashing in too,  but it was also incredibly easy to set up my shop.

Because I started sketching for fun, not intending to sell, all of my drawings up until now have been a relatively low resolution, and therefore most are printed at an 8x10 size. As I keep making these, I'll make sure to create them bigger from the start so they can be printed in larger sizes!

I think I'll print a few of the cocktail recipes for the kitchen...

Thanks as always guys, for being supportive and awesome. As a thank you, visit Radical Possibility on Society 6 this week for free shipping on any print.


1 comment:

  1. cute! are you painting and scanning in? or are these digital to begin with? if you're painting and scanning in, you can set the resolution of your scanner to higher (like 600-1200) and then you'll be able to resize to much larger at 300 DPI.


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