Monday, July 1, 2013

Even More Anthropologie Knockoffs - Pom Wonderful

I've said it before, I actually like Anthropologie. I have my fair share of their too-expensive whimsical dresses, and if I had the cash, I would probably buy one of their ridiculous luxe velvet sofas. But when it comes to their knick-knacks, they are all laughably overpriced and easily DIY-ed. Let's just take a minute to laugh at my favorite $3,000 ROCKS WITH HANDLES

But, even though those are also easily made at home, they are really ugly and weird and I wouldn't do that to you. Instead, we are looking at the Pomdelion Bouquet

After $3,000, spending $18 doesn't seem all that ridiculous. While I wouldn't spend $18 on it, I do think it's cute and it's bright and fun, so for a buck or two, it would be a good way to brighten up a shelf.

You will need:
Barbecue skewers
Floral tape

If you don't have floral tape, you can just paint the skewers. (I told you guys, barbecue skewers are good for everything.). I also popped on a little green stem topper leftover from flowers I used for the floral cake topper, but it's an optional step, or one you could do with green paper.)

First, let's make some pom poms. They take just a minute, and while my first one was a little wonky looking, once you get the hang of them, they are oddly therapeutic. I ended up making like, twelve, which admittedly is weird and now I have no idea what to do with them besides freak Andy out by recreating the Trouble With Tribbles while he is sleeping. Anyways, there are a number of ways to create pom poms, most involve using your fingers or a fork. USE A FORK IT IS SO MUCH EASIER. 

1.) Pull the string through the middle of the prongs, leaving a tail. 
2.) Wrap the yarn around the fork about 100 times. When you finish, cut the yarn, leaving slack.
3.) Pull the tail and the slack together to tie a tight knot in the middle of your loops.
4.) Start snipping your loops!
5.) You're left with a mangey looking ball...
6.) ...give it a haircut, evening out all the strings so they are the same length. 

Wrap the floral tape around the skewer, leaving about the top half-inch by the pointy part uncovered. If you are using a stem topper, slide that on now.

After that, the pom pops right onto the point part of the skewer. Five minutes saves you $17.

I've got them sitting on a bookshelf now, but they would also look great wrapped on a gift for an alternative to a bow.

But now what? You got a taste of making poms and ripping of Anthropologie and are not quite satiated? Don't worry, I got you.

Anthro is into this pom thing nowadays, so they are also selling pompom place cards for $20.

Grab a bit of wire, I used jewelry wire. Wrap it twice around a pencil to create a loop, and snip it with about an inch of slack. That slack pokes easily into the pom pom, creating a little holder for your place card.

Now that I know how easy pompoms are to make, maybe this awesome party backdrop is my next project...


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  1. ha! Those $3k rocks with handles beat my previous favorite by a mile, the $12k tent. Floor sold separately. Although at least that one was attractive.

  2. Adorable! I love your DIYs and love that you always give me something to laugh about (recreating Trouble with Tribbles? Awesome.)

    Ladyface Blog

  3. oh lordy, those rocks kill me. I just can't even get over them. I wouldn't even want them for free.

    I love the poms-especially that backdrop! How cute would that be for a photobooth background at a party or wedding? Make a tutorial so that I can re-create it :)


  4. Please make a rock with handle DIY just for the lols

    but for real these are adorable, think I need to make some!

  5. These came out so cuteee! Love them

    ...what's up with those rocks, anthro?
    With Luck Blog
    Shabby Apple Giveaway

  6. The rocks made me laugh hysterically.

    Also, I really, really want to make the pomdelions but my roommate caught me trying to smuggle floral picks and thwarted my efforts to get near the yarn. Apparently I am not allowed to craft until I clean up from my last projects.


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