Friday, June 21, 2013

Simple Floral DIY Cake Topper

Since barbecue skewers are my newest obsession, I am apparently on a quest to see how many projects I can use them in. This isn't the first time you've seen me use them, and it certainly won't be the last. 

Today, we're making an easy cake topper using fake flowers and skewers. This would be perfect for a wedding, though really I'm not gonna judge you if you just want to make a cake and add some fancy flowers to it just because you want some cake and you fancy, huh?

This is a very complicated and involved DIY, so try and keep up. 

You will need:
Cheap fake flowers, just make sure the flower easily pops off from the stem
Barbecue skewers

Step One:
Rip the flower off the stem.

Step Two:
Jam the skewer into the flower hole left by the stem.

Step Three:
Jam the flower into the cake.

I always wonder when I do projects like this, that really are that easy, if I should take more step-by-step pictures, or try to stretch out the narration (After the removal of the flower from the stem , note the gap left behind by the stem. Next, gather your skewer, I used bamboo but I suppose whatever you have on hand will work. Identify the hole left by the stem, and note that it is about the size of a skewer. Make sure to match up the skewer with the hole, and apply pressure until the two are connected) instead of "oh, just jam it in", but sometimes, that's really all it takes to make something look a little bit better. So let's make a deal, I won't tell anyone the pretty cake you brought to the party took that little effort if you don't tell anyone I'm a diy blogger who makes posts with instructions like "just jam it in."



  1. "Just jam it in" --- That's what she said. :)

    1. hahahah i was hoping someone would take that bait

  2. By the way - I love your blog! I check it out every day, maybe even multiple times a day! So much fun! Have a great day! Sending love from the Florida Keys!

    1. oh man, that is the ultimate compliment!! sending all my love BACK to the florida keys!

  3. Haha! Best DIY instructions ever!

    Ladyface Blog


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