Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Poppy Nail Tutorial

When I am sick, I am the biggest baby. I know the running joke is that men are whiny, pathetic sacks of shit when they are sick, but I give them a run for their money. The slightest cold and I maintain that I cannot do anything, but when that happens, I always pick one small, easy activity that I actually want to do so that I can start the ball rolling towards bigger tasks, like showering, or moving. My last sick day, the task was doing a quick manicure.

I know that manicure may not look like a quick polish job, but it really is.

All you need is:
Base color
Flower color
Green for the leaves
Toothpick (or dotting tool, if you're feelin' fancy)

It took me about ten minutes, because I was impatient and let nothing dry between coats, which I would not suggest, but it was very important that I finished as quickly as possible so I could go back to watching Law and Order SVU and feeling sorry for myself.

See, easy enough that even a 27 year old baby could do it. Find more easy nail tutorials here!



  1. So cute! I'm pretty inept at nail art after years of not painting my nails, but this is so cute that I may have to muster up the courage to give it a try.

    Ladyface Blog

  2. I love it! Looks like I'll be sitting at home again tonight trying something new haha

  3. cute! i used to be really into nail art in 8th grade. i'd do something different EVERY day. related: i had no life.


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