Friday, June 28, 2013

Neon - The Easy Way

In my day-to-day life, I almost always stick to warm, neutral tones, maaaybe some jewel tones if I'm feeling like really livin' on the edge.

But when summer rolls around, all bets are off and I want everything to look like it belongs on the set of Saved by the Bell. NEON EVERYWHERE PLEASE! So one day I came home to find that American Crafts had sent me a giant box of neon, and all my dreams had come true. While obviously I didn't want to make any huge, permanent neon changes (since October will be here soon enough and I'll want to go back to my life of greys), I liked the idea of making small, easy changes to things for the summer.

First up, for some birthday celebrations coming up, as well as the 4th, I wanted to make some cake toppers, because now that I know how easy they are, I will be making them for EVERYTHING. First, either using a cookie cutter or freehanding it, trace the shape you want on the back of the glitter paper.

After cutting out the shapes, glue a barbecue skewer to the back, making sure you keep the pointy side facing down so that you can poke it into the cake.

Literally a five minute project takes a grocery-store cake to something bright and cheery. Also, don't feel limited to just using them in cakes, as seen here, there is something to be said for the drama of a tall topper in a cupcake:

And because no one can stop at just one thing of neon, I then added a quick update to the otherwise very monochromatic bathroom. 

I understand that I am literally the last blogger ever to use washi tape for something, so it probably is not news to you how awesome this is. It makes everything look like it was hard, but it was super easy, and its not permanent! Its like the lazy person's, renter-friendly godsend. I rolled some onto the edges of the white shelf in the bathroom just to switch things up in a room that is otherwise too small to be all that dynamic.

Ever made anything seriously neon? Show me, I'm obsessed.


Thank you to American Crafts for sponsoring this post, and thanks to all the readers for supporting the sponsors who make this blog possible. 

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  1. Pasé toda mi tarde viendo tu blog. Felicidades, tienes muy buenas ideas y una casa increíble. Lo guardo en mis favoritos para leerte a futuro. FELICIDADES!


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