Monday, June 10, 2013

Life Lately- A First Year

I don't do a ton of strictly-personal posts, since I'm never sure if people come here for DIYs and home stuff, or if they don't mind a little bit of life posts thrown into the mix. But when it comes to Calvin and Olivia, I don't even question making a post because they are perfect and deserve to be shared with the world.

My twin niece and nephew turned one this past weekend, and their party was bigger than most birthday parties I've had. My brother and his wife are amazing, and had a serious crowd turn out in love and support for their family. The twins were born a little bit early, so this time last year, they were still in the NICU, so to see them all fucking fat and happy and healthy was awesome. 

Olivia was a bit distressed that no one would let her keep eating grass.

The cake eating portion of the day was quite a popular spectator sport.

Happy first year on the planet, you little fucking butterballs. You have great parents and wonderful personalities and I love you.

Aunt Meg


  1. Definitely worth sharing with the world! They are adorable!

    1. you guys are leading me down a dangerous path, giving me carte blanche to overload with baby pictures...

  2. Casting my vote for sharing more personal things and stuffs! This was a delight! Love that they had their own cakes!

    1. haha okay, this is giving me a little more confidence! i always feel like a little bit of a goober talking about personal stuff in here haha


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