Wednesday, June 12, 2013

DIY Geometric Mobile

One of my favorite craft supplies lately has been barbecue skewers. They work for fucking EVERYTHING and are so cheap. I think I got this pack of 100 for $1, and have used them for everything. Today we're whipping up a little mobile to add a little sumpin-sumpin to the corner of the guest room. Because the guest room was thrown together for $30 in the course of five hours, I try to add shit to it once in a while so that it doesn't feel like our forgotten stepchild.

You will need:
36 Barbecue Skewers - twelve each of 4", 8" and 12"
Glue, something thick and tacky that dries quickly, like hot glue or E600
Black spray paint

You will need twelve skewers for each box. You will need to cut them to size (make sure to snip off the pointy side), but they easily cut through with standard scissors. 

To assemble the cube, first you will assemble two squares, using four skewers each. A dab of glue in each corner, held until mostly dry, is what will hold the joints in place. Be liberal with the glue! Once the two squares are dry, connect them into a cube using the four remaining skewers.  I'm sorry I didn't get more pictures of the process! It really does require two hands, since most of the time is spent holding the skewers in place as they dry. 

A quick hit of spray paint makes them a bit more graphic/disguises any glue joints.  I hung them from the ceiling using white string, just because the guest room is all white and I wanted the string to blend into the background, but I also considered using copper jewelry wire, or even fishing line for an invisible look. 

Price Breakdown:
Skewers- $1 for 100
Glue - $3.99
Spray paint - $5
Total- $10

I already owned all the materials, so the total for me was free-ninety-nine, but even if you are starting from scratch, the impact feels like more than $10. This would also work well as a baby mobile, if that fits your needs better / if you know any babies who are into Swedish modern.

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    i was JUST thinking about doing one of these in triangular shapes!

  2. that one time i creepily invited myself over to stay in your stepchild room. i'm going to pitchfork with a friend (july 19 only) and she forgot to mention that it wasn't a girls weekend, and that her and her hubs are staying in a condo somewhere ... plus, i need to see this place because it's kind of (internet) famous.

    1. aww man, i wish we werent all booked up over pitchfork weekend, haha we have a VERY full house! i'd love to see you when you're in town though!

  3. That is so awesome! The string really is pretty invisible!

    1. its a little more visible when the sun isnt as bright, but i dont mind it!

  4. If you're still in the biz of making stuff with skewers, check out Zap-a-Gap with Zip Kicker (both at Blick). Zap is an awesome super glue and Zip Kicker makes it dry in about, oh, 1 second and is crazy rigid. May be helpful with things that require lots of parts (I use it for model building).

    1. you're a magician, megan. a true magician, teach me all your ways.


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