Friday, June 7, 2013

DIY Bakers Twine

Have you ever noticed that anytime you buy a cute gift from an expensive boutique, or a really adorable Etsy, some part of it comes wrapped in baker's twine? 

This little trick has been floating around for a while, so I decided to give it a whirl when I had some quick presents to bring with me to a housewarming (and because you will be seeing it a lot in this month's projects). It takes no time at all, and just takes presents from "I totally forgot your birthday" to "the reason I'm late with this gift is because I spent so much time making it look thoughtful, like the excellent friend I am." Radical Possibility, teaching you how to lie to your closest friends since 2012.

You will need:

Loop your string around the cardboard, using more or less depending on what you're wrapping. I made about three feet of each color, because its just enough to wrap one gift and still have a little more on hand for later.

Draw vertical lines down the string, spaced like pictured. Make sure not to draw them so close to each other that the marker lines bleed into one another and you fuck everything up. Come on man, get it together. Make sure you do the front and back of the cardboard!

The upside to making your own is that you aren't limited to just plain red, nor do you have to buy an entire bolt of green if thats what you need for one small project.

There you have it, my trick to making plainly wrapped gifts look a little less "suspicious package" and a little more twee. Throw it on every cheap bottle of wine you bring to parties this summer and fool people into thinking you're a Martha-Stewart-esque grownup who has their life together.


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  1. Freakin' amazing! They look so good. Have you sent them to anyone yet, I wonder if they might bleed?

    1. When they get soaked, they do bleed into a solid color, as i found when i spilled on them, but for temporary gift wrap they work great!

  2. "Come on man, get it together."

    This cracked my shit up. Thanks for the laugh on a cranky Friday!

  3. What happens to the side of the twine that is facing the cardboard? I assume that part stays white, yet your photos show the colors really nicely when they are bundled up.

    1. the marker actually soaks through enough to give a great color to both sides!

  4. What happens to the side of the twine facing the cardboard? I assume it stays white, yet the photos of the bundles are very nice (no blank patches).

  5. I tried this the other day but with food dye and it worked very well


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