Thursday, June 6, 2013

Anthropologie Knockoff Table Runner

Long time, no knockoff around here! But Buzzfeed just posted some of r/p's original Anthropologie knockoffs, and it got me all nostalgic. I'm whipping up a series of posts to help the very brokest of us all continue to rip off ridiculously expensive shit, and in browsing the Anthro site, I came across this:

Ahh the Bezier's table runner. A fun summer tablecloth, a subdued palm tree-esque print, and only $208 before tax and shipping. It might as well be free! 

But wait, do those trees look familiar to anyone else? 

They are the same ones from the Three Palms Pillow we did a DIY of over a year ago

Using this same technique to make a table runner would be even easier than making the pillow, and a quick way to jazz up your table for any upcoming barbecues. For those too lazy to click through to the original post, you will need:
Linen (yardage depends on your table)
Rubbing Alcohol

Using your Sharpies, scribble the rough shape of the trees out onto your linen. Perfection is not necessary, or even encouraged!

Once you're all sketched up, about 5 small drops of rubbing alcohol on each tree help achieve the soft, dyed look of the Anthropologie original.

Once it has dried overnight, go in and add any extra details lost!

Bam. Table runner.

Let's do a price breakdown:
Linen - $9 yard, need three yards. However, Joann has a 50% off cut of fabric right now, making the linen $13.50
Sharpies - $7
Rubbing alcohol - $1
Total: $21.50

Obviously, this could be done cheaper with cotton or muslin, and already owning Sharpies and rubbing alcohol brings the cost down as well. 

Stay tuned for a few more easy DIYs of heinously expensive Anthro products soon!


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  1. It's hard to believe anyone would spend over $200 on a table runner. I think your pillow turned out amazing and I can only imagine that if you made a table runner, it would be just as great as Anthro's!

    1. lol i always balk at it but if i was a baller i think id be so excited to be able to spend $200 on the perfect table runner hahah so you guys better hope i never get rich or this blog will get real boring

  2. Replies
    1. as i've only made the pillow covers, i havent had to wash it and find out, but another reader suggested ironing it to heat seal it, and had some luck with that!

    2. have you tried to wash it yet?

  3. I prefer your palm trees. Love your rip-off ideas - we dont get Anthro in South Africa unfortunately. x


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