Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Radical Possibility- The Cliff's Notes

Hello, Apartment Therapy readers!

Thanks for stopping by! Great to have you guys here. You can leave your shoes on.

To make your browsing a little easier...

You can read more about this blog and the family behind it here...

Find a tutorial for the easiest chevron entryway wall here here...

Learn to build a pipe-rack corner closet here...

Get a step-by-step on this giant greeting here...

And find some of the art featured in the apartment here!

A few notes...
  • Our bed unfortunately is in the only place it works in the room. We have tried one million configurations, but  since one wall is closets, and the room is only 4 feet wide in some places, this is all that works! Luckily, we find it more cozy than clausterphobic!
  • I do make the Our Little Family portraits, but the shop is still on hiatus to catch up on orders. I will post in here when it opens again!
  • Thank you for the suggestion to hang the art lower! I'm still getting the hang of all this, so I'm going to try lowering it today! I thought hanging it high would bring the eye up in a small space, haha but I think it may have done the opposite :)
  • The wooden dining chairs are Ikea. As someone else mentioned, they aren't super cozy, but they are fairly sturdy and get the job done, plus are great for moving around when entertaining!
  • Yes, I will be friends with all of you. Sorry, I won't leave Andy and run away with any of you :)
  • The dining room table is from Brown Elephant on Clark! All 10 feet of it only cost me $20, so I highly suggest checking that place out.
  • All are welcome to come pet Lucille Austero. She would love it. 
  • The Riot Grrrrl banner is from Unicorn Parade, and everything I've gotten from her has been stellar. The bowl on the table is another Etsy find, from Della Morte ceramics and is so beautiful in real life, that four separate guests to my house have bought their own when they left!
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Thanks so much to Apartment Therapy for featuring our humble abode, and thanks to all of you, old and new, for reading and supporting this tiny little blog. It was a great relief to see others interested in seeing more "old school" AT homes. 



  1. You're fantastic. Added to my reader, added to my heart.

    Our pug, Lily, would love Lucille Austero so much it would give her the dizzies. I just know it.

    And thumbs up for the "cozy" bedrooms! Not much room for anything but our bed up against one wall and the dress rack that acts as my closet but it's like a little comfy cabin at the end of a long day.

  2. We're SO proud of you we could burst. And I believe I told you to lower those pictures way back in the day. Many, many congratulations!

  3. Congrats! I have always loved your blog and your home. It is about time a lot of other people see your wonderful style and skill!

  4. Congrats! I have always loved your blog and your home. It is about time a lot of other people see your wonderful style and skill!

  5. SO happy for you, Meg! Your place looks amazing.

  6. Coming to you from AT and wanted to tell you PRONTO how much I adore your space and writing (+ pup!). God, does it get overwhelming combing through design blogs where there is zero budget, insane graphic skills, interior design background. I and We just don't have that in scope right now. But you're so right, that doesn't mean a home has to look like crap just because of it.

    Looking forward to following along over here. And happy to have found a fellow Chicago blogger! Go Midwest!


  7. So excited to learn about your blog! It inspired me so much! I mentioned you in my blog! I can't wait to watch your blog from now on!

  8. Zandi, at the risk of sounding like a lunatic, I feel like you came into my life just in time. Reading the AT post and then following the links here --- all I can say is, wow. I've been really depressed about the continued fixer-up status of my fixer-upper, and you've offered hope and encouragement. Many, many thanks.

    Also, your niece has the most wonderful name! I gave it to my daughter 32 years ago.

  9. I DID come from Apartment Therapy, and I've already looked through your whole blog! Would you like to know what I loved most? That you're actually poor like me, and made so much of so little! That's real, and I feel a lot less daunted about making the apartment I'm moving into in a few weeks feel like home.

  10. Love your space! You did such a good job and I love the AT tour. So cozy and cuteee.


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