Friday, May 10, 2013

Friday Inspiration and Good Reads

I go through phases of being moderately obsessed with Pinterest to being totally obsessed with Pinterest, and lately I've been totally obsessed. I know it gets a bad rap sometimes for being a fucking wasteland of mason jars and melted crayons and weird dresses made out of flannel shirts and shit, but whatever I love it/can't stop, won't stop/only God can judge me. 

A little round up of favorite pins lately...

1/ looking for curtains for the office
2/ always searching for good prints
3/ if i can't live there, i'll fill my home with shit that just says the name of the city all over it
4/ look man, its just pretty. i cant only pin things i want to buy or i'd be broke
5/ this is not helping my succulent obsession
6/ but really, please do

If you'd like to follow me on Pinterest, I promise I won't post any melted crayon art.

In other internet news...

Hey, have a lovely weekend guys. You all deserve it.


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