Monday, May 13, 2013

Forcing a Green Thumb & DIY Plant Markers

So as you guys may remember, plants are not my thing. Or at least, they weren't.

But since we talked about this subject last, I have made chlorophyll my bitch. I have grown (pun!) past succulents, and moved onto actual leafy plants, and even edible ones. I can't even really put my (newly green) finger on what changed. I have a super sunny apartment, so that helps. And I just really, really, really wanted to be good at it. I often freaked out to my friend Michelle, holder of all plant knowledge, pleading to get her secrets out of her. From time to time, I was even known to talk to my plants. In just a few short months, I went from the Jeffrey Dahmer of the plant world to being that woman with the long silver braid that says goodnight to her "babies". 

I also have a few fake plants mixed in around the apartment, permanently green and lush, to trick and inspire the real plants into being their very best. In other news, I've lost my fucking mind.

In my herb garden, I wanted some plant markers, but as always, the things I want cost more money than I wanted to pay, especially because I'm currently only growing three herbs. Ones that I can keep track of without markers, but hey, it was Sunday, I was feeling restless, and ABC Family was running yet another Harry Potter marathon.

Disclaimer: this plant is actually cilantro and will not give you the ability to breathe under water. Any reader who attempts such a feat does so at ones own risk and r/p assumes no legal responsibility. And you might want to address your increasing disconnect from reality.

To make your own plant markers, you will need barbecue skewers, cardstock and glue. You can decorate the markers before or after you cut, then adhere to the skewers with glue. A piece of tape after gluing helps keep them from rolling around while they dry. 

So don't listen to people when they say one can't just develop a green thumb, because one, fuck those people, and two, you can always learn something new. But I'd be lying if I said there wasn't some carnage along the way.



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  2. I JUST put together our little spring/summer round-up of plants on the window sill (today's post) over the weekend and this is inspiring me to DIY the shit out of some cardstock. Thanks for the little tutorial!


  3. Hi, I'm rather new to the apartment lifestyle and I really want to start an herb garden for cooking. The little wooden frame for your herb garden looks so perfect for growing herbs--can I ask where you got it or how you made it?


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