Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Life Goes From Color to Black & White

There are some times I think I will be able to stick to the half-assed blog schedule I wrote, but then things like delayed Amazon deliveries or supremely overcast days get in the way of completing projects or taking photos. I couldn't decide if radio silence was better than just posting some snapshots from life lately, but since you're reading this post now, I guess you can figure out which option I went with. 

1/ A little glass of whiskey left in my bathroom after a dinner party
2/ Tacos on the Big Star patio, after one of the best haircuts of my life at Art & Science
3/ I'll never get sick of this Stendig calendar
4/ Chicago needs to get its shit together with this fucking weather

1/ Lucille enjoying our new couch (that I guess I never really posted about?)
2/ Green just being cute when he yawns
3/ I wish I was one of those people who had fresh flowers all the time
4/ Walking through the Thompson Center during a drizzly dusk

I'm currently working on making my bathroom look like less of a total piece of shit (which is maybe a gross way to describe that particular room.) It's just a terrible room. The plumbing is old, the vanity and tile are this horrible, faux marbled, plastic peach, the floor tiles don't all match, its just the worst. We're doing all we can cosmetically, but there are so many things higher up on our wishlist that putting the time and money into retiling a rental bathroom just doesn't seem worth it. 

So even though it sucks a little that Chicago is being a dick with all this horrible weather, it has given me a chance to push out one last round of projects before I just want to be outside all of the time, because once it turns around you can find me on the Big Star patio 24/7, eating tacos.


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