Tuesday, April 2, 2013

House Tour- Nooks and Crannies in Asheville, NC

Hello!! I feel like it's been forever since we've done a house tour, which sucks because they are my absolute favorite thing to do, but despite my constant cajoling, its hard to find willing participants sometimes. So far, I've only managed to convince Sarah, Kristen, and now Sarah 2.0 to let me invade their space.

Sarah and bb Walt

Sarah, Justin, Walt, Hank and Rosie live in adorable craftsman-style home in Asheville, North Carolina. I've been obsessed with their baby Walt since his birth, but the more and more Sarah posted of her home on Instagram, the more I started shamelessly harassing her for a tour. It's my favorite kind of home: eclectic, warm, interesting, with tons of fun nooks and bright colors and oddball accessories (and I mean that in the very best way).

Starting here, you can already see what I mean. Nooks and crannies everywhere, gorgeous hardwood floors, tchotchkees as far as the eye can see (I want those bookends, and that black globe so badly.And hey, let's throw in that gold frame while we're shopping.) I also love that the lower sections of each room cater to Walt, with toys and books at his height.

Everything is even better up close.

Tying into the bookends is this amazing chess table, where the table itself and the stools are chess pieces! I have zero interest in chess, much to Andy's chagrin, but if I had this table, that might change things.

The kitchen continues the theme of the house, with vintage barstools pulled up to the wooden kitchen island. (Feminist Killjoy banner on fridge is from the Unicorn Parade Shop).

In addition to all the odds and ends I would steal from this house, I'm also jealous that they have so many good area rugs! I feel like a rug that is big enough, affordable, and not ugly is an unattainable dream for me. Again, I love the mix of brightly colored seating with a traditional solid wood table. I also envy the arrangement of kitsch Sarah manages to pull off on her walls. I feel like when I try that it either looks too hodge-podge or like I'm one step away from getting my own "Look At this Weirdo" show on TLC. 

Anyone who has ever photographed a home with dogs in it, knows that your photos will also have dogs in them. Its a fact of science.

I feel like there has been a movement away from using bright colors in old houses lately, with a lot of people favoring neutrals or "letting the architecture speak for itself". However, I am a GIANT fan of how well bright colors actually play up a space and draw attention to the unique details of old homes. (Kristen and Jimmy's house tour also shows great uses of color on the walls.) Can you spot an American Gothic version of Hank and Rosie here?

While we're talking about color, it only makes sense to get to my favorite room in the house, Walt's nursery. SO bright, SO happy, it explains part of why every picture ever taken of Walt is one of him grinning ear-to-ear.

Much like our past two tours, Justin and Sarah are a dog-friendly home, as shown by Walt's puppy gallery wall.

I love the pattern inside the closet, also containing a little concert hall for Walt. (This wall was actually inspired by the r/p tape graphic wall, specifically the one you can see in the kitchen, but Sarah painted the triangles on to make them less tempting for Walt to pick off)

I'm going to pass on the opportunity to get Billy Joel stuck in all of your heads....

Just some more snapshots of my favorite little corners...

Both the robot and the astronaut paintings are from Buttercycle Paintings.

Many thanks to Sarah, Justin and Walt for letting us in today! Make sure to visit the baby fashion blog, Tiny Buttons, where Sarah and Walt are regular contributors! 



  1. I think Walt's little piano in his closet is one of my favourite things ever.

  2. Sarah's house is seriously a thing of dreams :)

  3. love sarah and love this house!
    i am dying over every piece of wall art
    and are you kidding me with that puppy wall for walt?!

  4. Ugh I jealous of all the wall art, I'm wall-art challenged and just have big blank spaces everywhere >:/

  5. great composition with great pieces!

  6. I'm so glad you talked her into this! Best house tour of all tiiiime.

  7. Wow. What an AWESOME home. Very bright and beautiful.

  8. How small the world is!! I found your blog through pinterest. I am from Asheville NC & just look at this house on Craigslist!! (I recognized the kitchen table.) The house is precious!!

    1. hahah what the fuck, thats crazy!! sarah said it was just listed today, so you caught everything at the right time!

  9. How small the world is!! I found your blog through pinterest. I am from Asheville NC & just look at this house on Craigslist!! (I recognized the kitchen table.) The house is precious!!


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