Monday, February 4, 2013

It Ain't Easy Bein Green

As I mentioned in my About Me, I have a black thumb. Horrible, horrible luck with plants. (I like calling it "luck" because it absolves me of any responsibility.) This does not stop me from wanting all the plants. I feel like having plants in your house makes it feel like a home, one with real adults capable of not killing things. I've managed to keep succulents alive for a while, but they just don't give the same ambiance. I mean...

I mean, those homes are beautiful already but i feel like they look ten times nicer because of plants. I WANT THAT. I consulted with some experts (aka friends with plants that aren't dead) and got a few good suggestions. It looks like Philodendrons and Zamioculcas are good bets for people who are less than skilled at this. I plan on probably just going into Home Depot with this list of 24 of the Easiest Houseplants You Can Grow and just picking a few off of there. (FYI, Home Depot has a one-year plant guarantee if you also suck at this.)

So I ask for your support as I enter this new phase of my life, and mostly I just wanted to share some pretty house/plant porn with you, from the folder I've been saving of plant photos to motivate me. Well, and now I have some accountability to keep all these plants I'm buying alive, since I told the internet about it. If all else fails, I'll just buy this wallpaper and call it a day:



  1. I also have a terrible terrible black thumb! My boyfriend takes care of all the plants in our apartment because he likes things green and leafy instead of brown and crispy. I'll have to tell him about this home depot deal!
    With Luck

  2. Good for you on getting some plants! Gwen is great with them, perhaps you should pick her brain. We have three in our house currently, a Christmas Cactus (part of my mother-in-law's gorgeous one) named Mabel, a chubby little succulent named Pepe, and a spiky creature named El Scorcho. Once a week water, and they're good! Good luck!

  3. I've had pretty good luck with Home Depot plants, and I've definitely not got a green thumb. My biggest tip: Water them. Seems like when I do that, most of them stay alive. I know, rocket science.

  4. Found you through the Homies voting! Congrats--great blog, I'm glad I found it.
    I have an obsession with houseplants and recently found variegated philodendron in my local nursery. It has beautiful chartreuse and dark green coloring and is impossible to kill-always a bonus.


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