Monday, February 11, 2013

DIY Grocery Magnets

I think when man created the fridge, he signed some kind of contract that from this day forth, every single promotional magnet ever created to stick to thee will be really ugly. Over the years, a variety of promotional magnets from local pizza places, random real estate agents, and places like that have accumulated on our fridge. The thing is, because those ugly little things serve a purpose, its hard to throw them away, but then you end up with a fridge full of :
Not cool.

In the interest of taking something I already had but hated, and making it into something useful and less ugly instead of tossing it (and wanting to procrastinate from real work), I decided to put a quick facade on the magnets I had. We do have a chalkboard in our kitchen, which theoretically would be where we make notes as to what we're out of, but walking over there/stopping what we're doing in the fridge/adding one more step between hunger and stuffing our faces was apparently too much for us to handle, because we almost never use it for lists.

So instead I whipped up a few magnets of the items we go through the fastest. We keep them on the side of the fridge, and when we use the last of something, just push them to the front. Somehow just having them right in front of our faces makes it easier to remember, especially as we're scanning the fridge before heading to the store, trying to remember what we used the last of.

For this, you will need:
Super glue, cardstock (I used an old box), whatever magnets you have lying around, paint

I kept it pretty simple, but I just traced the magnets onto the cardstock, cut out the circles, decorated with a few commonly used items, and glued the cardstock to the magnet. If you're starting with square magnets, you'll have to cut to size. If you have the time and patience, I also thought about doing some illustrated ones, like these from Gathered Heart:

It's that easy. 10 minutes later and we had a simple little lifehack that works for us. Nothing revolutionary, just a better alternative to throwing things away, and a way to keep a grocery list with minimal effort. 

And yes, pizza is one of our most frequently used items.


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  1. these are so cute! i love your writing

  2. Replies
    1. she will find her way into every single picture i'm taking, whether i like it or not haha (though, i always like it.)

  3. What a great idea! So simple and fun.

  4. Heyoh thanks for featuring my grocery list illustration :) You're magnets are so fun, by the way... I love your color choices!


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