Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Brossez-vous les dents

A friend of mine recently came over, and after he used the bathroom he chastised me for not having a cup that held our toothbrushes. Apparently its gross just to lay them on the vanity? Is that true? I don't know, man, there is a lot of adult stuff I don't have down yet that ranks high above improper toothbrush storage.

Anyways, so to placate the oral-hygienist masses, I made a damn toothbrush cup. 

Step one: Buy a cup and a gold pen
Step two: Draw on the cup with the pen, try to remember any French you learned in high school because just writing "TEETH" is weird and kind of creepy.
Step three: Put in cold oven, turn to 425, bake for 30 minutes.

Because hygiene.

I've found that the marker stays on there better if I let the cup cool in the oven as well. There has been some controversy over if the Sharpie Mug projects actually work, since some folks say theirs washed right off. This cup isn't going to have to get washed a ton, so if you'd been having your doubts but still wanted to take a crack at it, this is a good project to test-drive it on. Though, I've done Sharpie Mugs before with no problem, but maybe I'm just a really shitty dishwasher.


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  1. So adorable! I love simple DIY projects like this one.

  2. Super cute! But you're not one to shy away from the creepy, right? Anyone associated with my family embraces that shit. After all, the other day my dad said: "I have two whole bags of kid's teeth, if you want them."

  3. toothbrush cups gross me out because all of the gross gunk that drips outs settles in the bottom and it smells terrible! I stopped using them recently and it's so much easier!

    1. do you just lay them on your vanity, too? AM I NOT ALONE IN THIS? IS IT NOT ACTUALLY GROSS??

  4. Three words: Aerosol poo particles. I actually keep my toothbrush in my cabinet below my sink. Been doing so ever since I learned about aerosol poo particles in biology class. When a toilet is flushed, tiny particles from the contents in the toilet float around your bathroom and, well, eventually need a place to land. I'm sure some find their way to people's exposed toothbrushes. This is also why I Always leave the cover down when I flush too. I might just be paranoid though.

  5. I think I've found a new blog to love. I was laughing and reading parts aloud to my boyfriend. There's a whole bunch of adult stuff that I don't get as well. And your ideas are ADORABLE. So thanks for that. :)

    PS.. Poo particles? Geez, now I'm gonna be super paranoid.



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