Thursday, February 14, 2013

A Very Radical Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day!

I know a lot of people like to shit on this holiday, and talk about how it's all Hallmark and commercialized and made to make single people feel like worthless turds. But I have always loved it. I'm all about a holiday that encourages eating candy, telling people you love them, and of course, listening to some great music.

So today I'm coming at you with some of my favorite love songs, which are pretty awesome regardless of your Facebook relationship status.

Want to listen to this playlist? Thanks to Spotify Sharing, you can Go on and take it...



  1. I fucking love valentine's day. I always have. even when i was hopelessly single. i've basically waited my whole life for some awkwardly huge romantic gesture to happen on valentine's day, but men have yet to deliver.

  2. haha huge romantic gestures make me so anxious, but i love watching them happen to other people

  3. HA! Those cards are epic! I wish I had seen them earlier, I would have snatched up the whole collection!

  4. Those cards made me laugh out loud. Clever. Also, dreamy mix! I will melt for anything that puts Beach House and Sam Cooke together. "Funny Little Frog" is such a sweet one... I listened to that damn song on repeat a few years ago when I was all caught up in a does he like me? type faux-lationship.


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