Saturday, January 12, 2013

Shaking Things Up in the Bedroom

Andy and I just resigned our lease the other day (no rent increase, heyooo!), which made me realize we have only lived in this apartment ten months. I have been getting so frustrated and restless with it lately, mad that it isn't quite the way I want it, that there are walls still blank, boxes still not unpacked, and things of that nature. I know logically that to make a house a home takes time; when rushed it looks cold and impersonal, but when you take your time you temporarily live in rooms that feel bare and unsettled.

Our bedroom has been the bane of my existence. It is L-shaped, which makes zero sense, and only measures 7x9 (not counting the space lost to the L). Its juuuust big enough for a queen bed, and one other piece of furniture (we've rotated out a few nightstands, shelves, dressers), and even then one of us still has to roll over the other to get out of bed in the morning.

All this being said, it has been the forgotten room. One I've put no time into at all, save for painting one wall mint green eight months ago. 

One sad little end table, (that would later get a gold makeover!), two small frames that are dwarfed by the big empty wall, and completely disproportionate to the space, and one mismatched inherited lampshade with a thrift store base. 

I didn't even have a duvet cover yet! This bothered everyone, except Lucille.

So, some changes were made. First up, I bought a larger piece for the wall (the wonderful, wonderful Stendig calendar, which I actually remembered to buy before they sold out this year). I bought a new quilt to use instead of the increasingly pitiful down comforter I had before, and I brought the dresser out of the closet and threw an old bookshelf in there for added storage. The lamp stayed the same, but I took fabric paint to the red trim of the shade to make it black to match the calendar and go better with the gray base. I also bought a new curtain, but because I'm terrible at measuring/blogging/life, its way too short and I didn't even iron out the packaging folds. Baby steps people, I never said I was good at this.  I did buy some muslin though so I could make more of my $3 curtains that I you may remember from the living room:

You can see the curtain length a bit better in this shot. They went up in a haste because the once-abandoned house next door was bought seemingly overnight, and my bedroom window that let light in but without anyone seeing in was suddenly compromised when I woke up in just a bra and saw three construction workers demoing the place next door, with a clear line of vision. So that was cool. 

The bookcase in the closet is an old Ikea one that got bounced from the office once I got the Expedit. It just adds nice storage for things like dresses that don't get worn often or special-occasion purses that were previously stored away in boxes under the bed.

It took ten months (and actually, three other failed layouts of the bedroom that were never photographed), and a complete overhaul of the room's contents, but it feels like things are finally getting to a good place. I need to learn to just take my time, and not stress too badly about rooms not being picture perfect at the first shot. My new year's resolution this year was to remember that comparison is the thief of joy, and part of that means not looking at million-dollar homes on Apartment Therapy and Pinterest and wondering why my very cheap apartment doesn't look like that after only a few months. 

Also, for helping Radical Possibility have a fantastic year (well, eight months but its January so shut up and be festive) here is a picture of my dog kissing a baby. Thank you for all your likes, your repins, your support, and helping r/p clear the year with 1.5 million views. I died when I saw that, died I tell you.

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xo, and the happiest new year to you,


  1. Congratulations and best wishes for an even more successful second year. I adore your blog and am always so happy when you've made a new post. (Bummer about your wee little bedroom! Do you take turns crawling over?)

    1. thank you for being one of the most loyal readers!!! <3

  2. Love this! I too get very frustrated at the lack of progress/perfection in our home. I often need to remind myself it's only been a little over a year and good design takes time. Also, I have that feather tray from Target-it's lovely.


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