Friday, November 16, 2012

Hair of the Dog

Okay, this post isn't about hangovers as much as it is about hair and dogs. Just a few quick life updates around here!

First off, yesterday I cut 14 inches off of my hair AND IT FEELS AWESOME. I highly recommend it. I went from this (its hard to tell just how very dead and scraggly it was)


And then, in much more exciting news, I finally convinced my landlord that I would be an excellent dog-mom and deserve a puppy. So world, meet Lucille Austero.

I am dead at her perfection. She is Andy's first dog ever, so we were really worried about both of them adjusting to each other and learning the ropes and all that. Turns out, it was all for naught, and they are obsessed with each other.

As you maybe saw on the r/p Facebook page I met uberbloggers Young House Love! I also met Making It Lovely, and saw Yellow Brick Home but was too afraid to say hi (much to the chagrin of Sarah from Tudors Down who did a write-up on it all.)

Thats all thats new around here!


  1. Three great big pieces of news; I don't know which one is more exciting. Your hair is darling. The pup has the biggest impact, though. She's a cupcake!

  2. What a fabulous haircut! And your dog is way cute!!

  3. Love love love the haircut it looks great on you!

    Also Lucille Austero is simply perfect


  4. As always, you look flawless and your new pup is SO CUTE! Congrats :)

  5. Great hair and word to your Arrested Development shout out.

  6. Your hair and your pup are perfect :)

  7. Ahahah your hair and dog... Perfect. Is she a frenchie or a Boston?

  8. Okay, crazy! Just going through a whoooole backlog of blog posts (like, I have enough bloggy things to read for a YEAR) this morning and saw this. Too afraid to say hi? Pisssh! You're hilarious. (Was I having a good hair day? Can't remember, it was so rainy! Kidding.)

    Although, I'll admit that I was afraid to say hi to Nicole, and Scott had to urge me to do it. Then it was like word vomit, photos were taken, and we pretended to very nonchalantly "shop" through West Elm, as if I hadn't met one of my favorite bloggers. Ha!


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