Sunday, November 25, 2012

Alternative Christmas Tree Ideas

Growing up, my family's tradition was to put up Christmas decorations the Saturday after Thanksgiving, so I'm officially kicked into gear. Or, supposed to be. I haven't had the chance yet to build up my Christmas decorations to the epic proportions of the homes I'm looking to for inspiration, so right now I'm a little too overwhelmed to begin. But I digress.

Step one for me is usually start with the tree and work from there. Only problem is that I don't have a tree, nor do I have a ton of space for one, nor can I find the perfect 8' tall, perfectly lush pink and gold tree that I have been lusting after since the 80s and I refuse to settle. Until my life reaches that highest of days, I am always on the lookout for tree alternatives. 

Here are some space saving (and often money-saving!) alternatives to the Big One:

I WANT AN ADVENT CALENDAR SO BAD. But with only two people and no kids, it would probably just be a little sad. My personal sob story aside, I love this advent calendar tree made out of five different sizes of envelopes.

Or this more minimalist version.
Ikea is the best. $6.99 buys you a yard of their MARGARETA fabric for all of the tree and none of the needle cleanup.

Keep it cheap and easy with one roll of those multi-pack ribbons and a gold bow star.

Two yards of white muslin (or a tree cut out of butcher paper!) is ready for sprucing up (pun!) for under $5

These always crack me up because I've never met anyone with a spare ladder, but for all you 1%ers, it is pretty.

This is mine every year, just lights tacked or stapled up in a triangular pattern. Fancy, no?

Um, for all that copper wiring you have lying around.

You guys all read DIY blogs, meaning you probably have a chalkboard wall SOMEWHERE in your house.

Some felt garland pom poms would be great for a children's room

I just included this one for some variety, but to be honest it looks a bit like something I would do during winters finals week when I was losing my fucking mind studying and just started fucking with stuff around my apartment, wishing I was home for Christmas and not trying to learn Human Biology.

Some twigs for a very Charlie Brown tree

Or start painting those twigs and try to explain to whoever you live with that the internet told you it was okay.



  1. this is super cute and a lot more practical than buying a big fake tree i'd then have to lug around every time i moved.

  2. Hehe, these are great tree alternatives. I really like the different sizes of red envelopes and the minimalist one. If you want to exchange an ornament with people, you can sign up at my blog before Saturday. Last year my Christmas tree was so sad because I only had enough ornaments for half of it so this year I thought I would arrange an ornament exchange. I usually feel better about adding something to my home if I'm also adding to someone else's. Anyway, that was pretty for the neat alternative ideas!

  3. Just saw these on pinterest:

    thought you might be in to 'em.

  4. This was mine from two years ago
    been thinking about what to do this year, some lovely ideas
    thanks for sharing

  5. All kinds of crazy color Christmas trees :)


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