Wednesday, October 3, 2012

This is Halloween, this is Halloween...

It is October, which now means I can post about Halloween all I want and its not overly obsessive anymore.

I love Halloween. The thing is though, I am a total baby and do not love the guts and gore and scary movie part of it. The only thing I love about haunted houses is this series of pictures that came out of one:

But I do love the costumes, oh the costumes. I currently have an office job, and I love it, I just also wish it was an office job where we were allowed (required?) to dress in costume, so I thought I'd share with you some of my favorites that I've either worn or considered, ranking from "I start prepping for next Halloween the day after Halloween" to "Oh shit, I have a party tonight..." This is mostly a post to give you some ideas and inspiration since most of there are not my photos or costumes, just ones I love and hopefully can help you recreate.

Some of the easier options...

Easy as pie cupcake costume. Just pick up a Hanes A-tee, paint over it with pink fabric paint, add a cute bowtie, and either a belted silver skirt or silver fabric you've pleated yourself. 

Yesssss, I love costumes I can be fat and lazy in, which is why this Solar System costume is perfect. This one is just sweats dotted with metallic paint with a lightly painted pillowcase pulled over it. Add some hula hoops and be that awesome guy at the party that shows up with hula hoops. 

Man, kids have the right idea with lazy, comfy costumes. Get all pink and your favorite blanket together for this Pig in a Blanket costume. For the ears, cut two large wide diamond shapes out of pink felt, and staple one end over a headband. Cut two pink circles, one larger than the other, and glue them to a piece of elastic for your nose. Feeling extra creepy? Add a pipe cleaner curly tail sticking out of your ass.

Slightly more prep required...

Going as the Hitchcock Heroine from the Birds is as easy as a blouse and pencil skirt from the thrift store, splattered with a little paint or fake blood. But you will need to pick up some fake birds (these can sometimes be found at craft stores, making me wonder what the hell kind of crafts some people are doing). A blonde wig makes it full-on Tippi Hedren.

This photo, which inexplicably is about as high-quality as photos of celebrity weddings taken from the bushes half a mile away, shows another one of my easiest costumes - Alice Cooper in Wonderland. I found a blue dress at the thrift store and cut it to a more fun, costumey length. When I was at the thrift store I picked up a white pillow case and cut out a Peter Pan collar and put my true seamstress skills to use (I hot glued it onto the dress). With the rest of the pillowcase, I cut a rhombus/apron shape, painted on each suite of cards, and safety pinned it to my dress and added a top hat.

I LOVE THIS ONE SO MUCH. I would kill to be a pair of 3-D Glasses but its just way too cold in Chicago at the end of October to wear it. Its also surprisingly easy. Sew a tube of white fabric (two yards should do the trick, just measure across your bod to make sure you get the width right) and cut four holes - One for the head, two for the arms, and one side slit for the nose bridge. You can either paint on two rounded off rectangles for the lenses, or sew on the fabric.

Group Costumes...

I love this Rock, Paper, Scissors costume. This one actually has a step-by-step tutorial

This Loofah costume is deceptively easy. it is just long pieces of tulle looped and safety-pinned to a tube dress over, and over, and over. Add a half yard of rope and hope you don't run into That Guy at a party that tells you its not actually a loofah, but technically it is a ~bath pouf~. That guy will probably be dressed as like, Economic Reform or some shit.

And some for the ambitious....

You can figure out that outfit for this Deer costume, but a good makeup tutorial is here.

I can't find the exact tutorial for this Bride of Frankenstein look, but this one is a good option. I also like that when I searched YouTube for this, my results were a ton of Kat Von D makeup videos that were not intentionally Frankensteiny. I see what you did there, YouTube.

Set aside six hours to get sucked into this girls videos, starting with this Jessica Rabbit tutorial.

Go topical.

I was going to attempt a tutorial for my Lichtenstein Girl costume from two years ago, but this girl did it 1000x better than I ever could.

So this was really just a photodump in the hopes of getting other people as jazzed about Halloween as I am. What has been your favorite costume ever? Do you already know what's on the agenda for this year? Or are you the asshole who shows up in this fucking tee shirt:
Because fuck that guy.


  1. YESSSS i freaking love halloween. One year I was going to go as Courtney Love with Kasey as Kurt Cobain post-mortem, but he chickened out when I went to pour the fake blood on his head.

    Also I love the blood and guts part.

    1. hahaha im with kasey, i would have chickened out too

  2. I was already planning on being a deer! So thanks for the tutorial! Those 3D glasses are so rad and someday I totally want to do the Lichtenstein girl!!

    1. you know, i put the lichtenstein girl in the more complicated section, haha but it really was a fairly easy costume!!

      last year i went the animal route, going as a tiger, but added a party hat and a kazoo so i could be a "party animal", which was really just an excuse to throw confetti on people all night

  3. Here at the Meeks household, Halloween is an OBSESSION and T has caught on really quick. Every morning, we have to ask her what she is being for Halloween. She is going to be a MEAN witch (her decision) that is black and purple with green face paint. She also is going to carry a plant. I have no idea why the plant, but whatever makes her happy. Love the ideas!

  4. Halloween is the BEST. I've always wanted to be the bearded lady in an old side show, so that's what I'll probably be this year. Or Walter White from Breaking Bad because he's a bad ass.

    ♥ Jana

    1. oh my GOD i love the bearded lady idea!! like one of those great old Carnivale costumes with an excellent lush beard!? i may steal that one day...

  5. Right now I am in panic mode trying to choose what I'm going to be for halloween. I always have no many great ideas.
    My options are
    Finn/Fiona Adventure time mashup (easy because I only need to find socks and a hat
    A Sloth/ baby sloth in pajamas (pretty difficult because I would have to make it from scratch)
    and now a cupcake because that cupcake is so freaking cute.
    and after my VERY popular Manatee-that-been-hit-by-a-boat I've always wanted to be a deer with an Arrow through my heart.

  6. "Add a half yard of rope and hope you don't run into That Guy at a party that tells you its not actually a loofah, but technically it is a ~bath pouf~. "

    or Bill O'Reilly who tell you that it's technically a "falafel"

  7. My favorite costume was TOTALLY my bjork swan dress costume. I don't think I'll ever top it. Thanks for all of the ideas!

  8. Haha. So many great ideas! I really liked the cupcake.... That was creative. One I saw last year and though was a genius was taco bell sauce packets. Think the girls made tube dresses out of colored duct tape, wrote one of the sayings on white papr and then used clear packing tape to attach to the front of the dress. A little involved but crazy cute.

    And sadly, I've been that jerk with "this is my costume" tee.

    Started reading you blog recently And love it! You have ton of great stuff here. Just starting my own blog, feel free to check it out.

  9. you know i am crying over that cupcake

  10. Great post! For years I've been wanting to pull of the Sanderson sisters from Hocus Pocus. Dream Costume. This year I moved and my two closest friends have gorgeous red hair and long, dark curly hair. I would be the weakest link and would have to get a blonde wig. But, seriously. Too perfect. (If it doesn't happen my back-up is to go as a Blues Brother with my husband. Simple, warm, iconic.)

  11. I LOVE the loofah idea, and it really does look pretty easy, even for someone like me who's clueless about DIY stuff. I've already picked my costume for Halloween though: Flo from Progressive Insurance.


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