Friday, October 5, 2012

Radical Roundup

No specific project for you today, just a few odds and ends that I wanted to share to kick off this weekend!

The Radical Possibility Facebook page is almost at 500 likes! And not all of them are even people I cajoled into liking it for me! Some of you did it voluntarily!

I'm a sucker for all-girl/pro-girl stuff, so when I found Least Likely, I was pretty jazzed. It's a blog in the style of Hello Giggles or Jezebel, kind of all-topic, with an overarching feminist theme. However, because they don't have any corporate sponsors to answer to, its a lot more real, but somehow manages to be on-point and cohesive and not rambly and all over the place.

This weekend I am taking a wood working class! I read so many other DIY blogs where I cannot figure out how the fuck everyone is so good at making shit that doesn't fall apart. I couldn't even hang shelves in my living room. Not joking, they are up, but they are not flush against the wall and I can't figure out how to fix that, so they are just leaning out, and shit rolls off them.This is my life. Anyways, this class is at a place called the Rebuilding Exchange, where they take total goons and give them power tools. I'm making a mirror:

This is the only picture they feature, but I think you get the idea. Everyone cross your fingers that it meets a better fate than my shelves. I'll try to sneak some pictures and tell you guys about it, but I'm super awkward about taking pictures, and I'm not sure if having my phone out all the time is a safety hazard/would cause me to lose a thumb.

This has been my life the past few nights. Like, I was laying on my couch yesterday when I took this Instagram (u/n - radicalpossibility) wondering if I could make a post out of pumpkin beers, my favorite fall candles, fall cocktails, etc. Then I realized that just kind of made me a lazy drunk, but one that smells so sweetly of Crisp Apple Pumpkin Spice by Glade. If you look alllllll the way back (thank you, long Chicago apartments) you can see that my office is a shit show. This weekend, that will hopefully all change, and I WILL blog about that, but that is going to require me showing you the "before", which is going to take some pride-swallowing.

I'll report back with if I lose any thumbs and if I can actually make it so that you can see the floors of my office, but until then, here's a quick little recipe card I made for my kitchen that goes hand in hand with that drinking I was just talking about...


  1. I took the mirror building workshop and had a lot of fun. The wood we used for the project was salvaged from a south side public school tear-down:

    1. ooooh that post just made me even more excited for it!!

  2. Nice! Love the Rebuilding Exchange! Have fun!

    1. have you guys bought stuff/taken classes there? i remember you mentioning it before!

  3. I love that recipe card - you should make it into something we can download so we can write our own recipes on it. It's sweet.

    1. haha gimme a sec, lemme figure out if i know how the hell to do that haha

    2. You should just be able to do this: (a href = " link to blank image " target ="blank" )Right click to save a blank recipe card for use in your kitchen. (/a)

      Just replace the () with <>.

      Typical size is 3"x5" (sorry I'm a designer and couldn't help but comment!

  4. also, mark loves old fashioneds (haha that sounds gross) and I want to take a woodworking class too.

  5. Woodworking class! Yes, that sounds amazing!

    I'm so glad I just found your blog now excuse me while I could stalk though your archive!




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