Monday, October 29, 2012

Entering a Holi-daze

I realize that Halloween has not actually happened yet, but basically if I have gotten drunk for it, its happened. The actual 31st only matters to children anyways. This year, like most years before it, I waited until the very last minute to do my costume. Like, the paint on it was literally still wet in the car and I had to staple parts of it together in a porta-potty outside before I went in. 

Anyways, I ended up being a paper doll but the dress was kind of cumbersome and ended up being burned as kindling in the bonfire later, which was not a remote disappointment to me. Next year I am wearing something comfortable over something ambitious. So I ended up just being a creepy doll with a 2D bow. I'll take it.

But let's focus, because the more important issue at hand is that IT IS NOW PRETTY MUCH THE HOLIDAY SEASON. This means a season of pies and sparkly makeup and lights and CHRISTMAS CRAFTS. Get ready for an onslaught of posts, people.

November for me is more about food, like this gem that I am making tonight:

Unreal. Admittedly, I am cheating a bit and using pre-made ravioli from Trader Joes, because to be honest that's probably the only way to ensure that I don't end up crying while preparing this. I am not really a "make your own pasta" kind of girl. 

A few other holiday decorations to get everyone in the same spirit that I am today...

Due to space reasons, I'm already looking at alternatives to a traditional Christmas tree, since you know, its already October 29th so I should get on that.

Anyways, looking forward to doing holidays this year with you! Please show me your homes or link me to your holiday posts and all of that, because I love it! And to all my readers out east, I hope you are safe and dry!
Finally, did you see r/p on Apartment Therapy the other day? Because that was super cool.



  1. Yay for the holidays (: i'm looking forward to your christmas-y crafts! here's a link to an apartment friendly tree that i am dying to try for this year. it's not mine (found on pinterest... where else?) thought i'd add it to your collection tho.

    1. i've never seen that one, i LOVE it!

  2. I'm glad to see I'm not the only one getting all Christmasy, I was making ornaments while watching top model last night.

  3. When I had the teeniest apartment, I used garland to create a faux christmas tree on the wall. Lots of tacks and nails and whatever I could find later, I had a lovely fuzzy tree on my wall, and then I just decorated the garland like a regular tree.

  4. Your makeup is perfect, and I am so excited that I can finally OPENLY listen to holiday music!


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