Saturday, September 22, 2012

More facelifts than Joan Rivers

I'm sorry if you were visiting r/p in the last hour or so and saw it shape shifting before your eyes! After realizing I had just added so many things until the blog was looking like it was created in Geocities, I decided to clean it up just a bit. 

Hope you like the makeover, and thank you for reading! All of your nice comments this week (and beyond!) are always read and greatly appreciated.

I have a few more posts queued up for you, and things are getting busy around here as I prep for the opening of the Radical Possibility Etsy shop! By the way, that shit seems so much easier than it is. Does anyone else ever feel like they love the stuff they make but get really self conscious about if its good enough to sell to someone else?

And since we haven't done it in a while, here are a few Instagrams of late...

Chicago, as viewed from the south side

The absolutely majestic Chicago theatre for St. Vincent and David Byrne

Around this blog it is ALWAYS root, root, root for the White Sox

Yep, I actually do use the projects I make!

Its been a very St. Vincent-y summer; from the Do312 Goose Island Block Party



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