Saturday, August 11, 2012

Belated Wedding Gifts

So I really like making people handmade cards, but I often find that I never really have enough time to do that before the actual occasion comes up. Thankfully, Miss Manners says I have 365 days from the date of a wedding to send a gift, so at only a month late, I'm still plenty not-rude.

You may see a few of these posts come through as I wrap up these belated gifts, but the first is for my college roommate and her new husband. For her bachelorette party, we spent a weekend at her lake house cooking, lounging by the water, and listening to music. Played quite a few times was the Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros song, "Home". 

First I pencilled out roughly what I was going to be painting so that I would have a guide for when I busted out the watercolors. For the black it doesn't matter so much, but for the other colors you want to make sure your pencil lines are so faint you can barely even tell they are there, because they will show through.

After playing around a bit with filler flowers and branches, I ended up on something like this. Its not perfectly neat, but that's kind of the charm of handmade cards, no? I'll probably tweak a few things before it goes in the mail, but you get the general idea! 

Anyways, hope you have a very happy weekend! 


  1. Absolutely, there is no comparison of hand made cards with any other gift. Hand made cards have deep emotions and feelings attached with it which makes it precious and valuable. And also the card made by you is truly superb and is very eye-pleasing.

    1. thanks so much! i agree, i always love a handmade gift!

  2. That card is just beautiful. What a lucky couple.
    Just a little something that made me smile, I discovered your blog accidentally the other day and enjoyed a few of your posts before one of the children, the delights that they are shut down the window with your page. I couldn;t remember your blog name and have been searching a few days with no luck until today I finally googled 'pink glitter rhino pig' and whaddya know?! Yors was the first result!
    Like I say, It made me smile. Saying that, I don't get out much. And I am British so you know that means my sense of humour is off!
    Anyway, I am all caught up on the blog now and I am loving it! Keep up the good work
    V x

  3. I hope you come back to us soon! I love your blog and your witty writing :) You are a great artist!

  4. Are you a lefty — looks like it. Oh, joy! No wonder why you're so outrageously creative.

    Great blog, I'm following from here on out.


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